2018 is turning into the most deadly for LGBTI people in Brazil

More than 300 people have been killed this year, the highest number yet in Brazil

The rate of murders and violence against LGBTIs in Brazil has jumped likely making 2018 the most deadly year ever.

More than 300 people have already been murdered this year, by this time last year, 220 LGBTIs had been killed. That’s according to LGBTI group, Grupo Gay da Bahia (GGB). The group monitors violence against LGBTI people in the South American country.

The group said 713 LGBTI hate crimes had already happened so far in 2018. One of the most high profile murders this year was the assassination of political activist, Marielle Franco. Thousands of Brazilians poured into the streets around the country to protest political and LGBTI violence after drive-by shooter killed Franco in Rio de Janeiro.

Violence against LGBTIs is common place in Brazil, but it has escalated in the past 18 months.

In late 2017, the rate of LGBTI murders increased to one a day with GGB leading protests around the country.

The disturbing new figures coincide with a growing movement in to prevent the election of right-wing and anti-gay politician Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro has been described as the ‘Donald Trump of Brazil’ and is leading the polls in the upcoming presidential elections.

The candidate has a long history of making anti-gay comments. He once said he would be ‘incapable of loving a gay son’ and would prefer that son to ‘die in an accident’.

But millions of Brazilians have protested in the streets to stop Bolsonaro’s election. The #EleNão (not him) hashtag has been trending in Brazil for weeks.

Leading influencers and celebrities including, Dua Lipa and Jinkx Monsoon, have backed the movement.

‘Sending my love and support to my LGBTQAI+ family in Brazil! Spread the word, #elenao ???? (not him) – remember you are loved by your queer family in The States and around the world,’ Monsoon wrote on Instagram.

‘An anti-queer, anti-feminist man is ahead in the polls for the presidency, and we need to strengthen the resistance, to continue to make Brazil a better place for all its citizens. My heart is with you Brazil; Eu Te Amo!’

by Shannon Power
Source – Gay Star News