Internationally hate crimes against LGBT community members become more frequent and cruel

Internationally hate crimes against LGBT community members become more frequent and cruel: it’s a spiral of blood and horror are crimes that show a network that links Santiago de Chile in the vicinity of Puebla. The modus operandi is the same: a group of youths caught the victim and subjected to a lengthy session of torture, physical and psychological.

According NotieSe, Daniel Zamudio 24 years “his assailants tore part of his ear, her body marked with swastikas, he repeatedly dropped a large rock on his stomach and legs and fractured one of them.” Agnes Torres Hernandez was burned with intent to disfigure the face and arms to let her scarred for life. He was finally beheaded. His remains were thrown into a trash bag, thrown into a ravine. It is useless to ask who has been promoted for centuries the subject of LGBT basurización. It should be emphasized the link between hate speech and insults and hate crimes and the absence of legislation to protect us.

Their fury is a brand as much as the intervention group of murderers, together with bonds that will be revalidated supremachistas through torture and murder. His lack of social significance disappears in the bloody ritual. They grow to the helplessness of the victim who managed to isolate. Their marginalization is dispelled by the importance given to get their hands on a body that can afford anything. In this satisfying fantasy of omnipotence that come alive by shouts, eyes bulging, the futile struggle of the dam, the terror of the victim mortally. It is armed dudad spontaneous contest between the torturers to devise ways to cause pain: who entered the swastikas on the chest of Daniel?

What! His gesture was applauded and invited the most cruel actions. They began to play with the heavy stone that probably everyone did crash in a broken body. They are proud disfiguring the “condemned” the sodomite, the stigmatized by the church of hate, which respond like obedient acolytes. Of marginalized become the hand of the law. Become miserable in a court of ministers whose rituals they are the guarantors. His social marginality, its lack of academic achievement, lack of horizons will retaliate in graduate students like Daniel and Agnes. No homosexual has placed with impunity over a man that respects the values of the tribe heterosexist and Catholic.

It is intended that the motive for the murder of psychologist Agnes Torres Hernandez, has been stealing his car. Maybe that’s what they can verbalize the murderers. Perhaps this is what I can tell these employees in a ranch in the area. Perhaps that is what you can enroll in a report by minimally trained personnel. However, the utter disregard for his transsexuality derived supremachismo where does it come? How did? Whence comes the conviction that such crimes will not be investigated, which will go unpunished as the vast majority of crimes committed against members of the LGBT community. Agnes’s murderers say they were surprised by the wide response to crime and thus sparked decided to burn the car. How could it be otherwise! Do they have any doubt about the determination of the LGBT community? We must disabuse them but not to society supremachista who baptizes and confirms these supremachistas.

Daniel Zamudio’s name adds up to a long list that is the psychologist and human rights advocate, Agnes Torres Sulca and 16 names were read to represent the State of Puebla on Avenida Chapultepec 494, where completed a very emotional place to which, incidentally, did not attend the accession candidates asked us for a possible candidacy.

Would be a grave mistake to try these crimes locally. Arguing only regional grounds (which certainly exist); reduce mobile environment issues more direct and narrow (not to ignore or discard). Can not forget that there is no way global discourses of hatred broadcast originating in the Vatican and in the evangelical church (which have dire consequences in African countries where it has tried to punish with death penalty for homosexuality .) These speeches are endless and are in the minds of Catholics and evangelicals who are only waiting an opportunity to show their contempt for a community that has been declared a danger to civilization. There is a local conservative power structure that is responsible for disseminating the repeated calls to hatred of the Catholic Church.

The clearest example is the close relationship between Josefina Vazquez Mota and Juan Pablo Castro Gamble with being photographed beaming, exultant. To get to the Legislative Assembly of D. F: Juan Pablo Castro Gamble came on their own feet: it was selected by the PAN, even if there was determined to ignore it. The depreciated by Ms. Wallace by the ignorant of Iztapalapa, stigma “proles” released by the family Peña Nieto, are part of that class structure and disseminated sexist and conservative candidates.

It is useless to deny that there is a campaign organized by international curator. Hate speech uttered in the pulpit are never punished in any Catholic country, despite the many demands being made by the LGBT community. The impunity that encourages conservative regime ecclesiastical injuries are a wound that has implications for the international LGBT community. Justice spoken of President Felipe Calderon is the one for you: heterosexist, xenophobic, old boy, ignorant of the procedures and that puts the administration of justice in Mexico a fool, a justice of television sets.

I pronounce an action to promote American Court of Human Rights against the hate speech that fire cardinals, bishops and priests every day. Have been stigmatized LGBT community as a threat to civilization has been bestialized: hate crimes are but the logical consequence of this animalization. A slew Agnes is a sacrificial lamb.

How many tortures, few more stones, how many more deaths will endure? How many more insults spoken from the pulpit go unpunished? Action is needed because what the church wants is to take education to spread messages of hate and intolerance.

Translated from Spanish
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