Claudia López, First Woman Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, Marries Girlfriend

Claudia López, the first woman and LGBTQ person elected mayor of the Colombian capital of Bogotá, married Angélica Lozano Correa, her girlfriend of three years, on Monday.

Tweeted Lopez: “Heading to the happiest moment of my life! I love you my divine Angelica! Thank you for existing and for always loving me. I promise to honor you and love you all your life! Thanks to life for this wonderful year: I graduated from the doctorate, won the Mayor’s Office and married the love of my life!”

AFP reports: “Although the country is deeply religious and conservative, same-sex marriage is legal and gay couples have the right to adopt children – whether or not they are the biological children of one of the partners.”

The BBC reported on her election in October: “The 49-year-old centre-left candidate had won 35.2% of the vote with nearly all votes counted. Mayor of Bogotá is widely considered the second-most important political post in Colombia after the presidency. … A journalist-turned politician, Ms López is a member of the of the country’s Green Alliance party. Known for her outspoken criticism of right-wing politicians, she has also been heavily involved with anti-corruption efforts in Colombia. Her policies include putting more police on the streets, fighting child labour and creating better educational opportunities for people over 45.”

by Andy Towle
Source – Towleroad