LGBTI groups and Jose Delgado reach four agreements’ after conflict

Jose Delgado, a journalist and program director “in flesh” must attend academic workshops that will address issues of sexual diversity. One of the agreements reached yesterday with the LGBTI groups of Guayaquil.

The Centre City LGBTI, represented in the mediation process by Carlos Alvarez legal and Gonzalo Abarca, will be responsible for issuing these courses. “We will present the sylabus of training at Channel One with the staff to initiate as soon as possible,” said Alvarez.

Thirteen people met yesterday with the provincial delegate of the Ombudsman, Maria Jose Fernandez, and presented their views on the report by Delgado, which addresses the sexual preference of the Ecuadorian Antonio Flores, Finnish Pekka political partner Haavisto.

The mediation began with the projection of the report. There appears Nestor Zavala evangelical pastor, whom the journalist presents as a “leader in geopolitics” and counselor in schools and colleges.

Zavala explains his views on homosexuality marked by their religious beliefs.
With a report printed on a sheet talks about David Norris, former Irish presidential candidate, who was designated for supporting Ezra Yitzhak, accused of allegedly raping a child under 15 years.

Norris finally resigned his candidacy. In the story of “In flesh” Zavala draws a parallel between the candidacies of Norris and Pekka Haavisto, Finnish politician and a pair of flowers, ensuring that these political movements are related to a prophecy that God made Isaiah, according to the Bible ” are nations who claim to love God but vote for the devil, what can you propose a gay couple? The same purpose as Sodom and Gomorrah, “the religious in the program.

Silvia Buendia, a lawyer, said after one of Zavala interventions are images representing fire and can cause fear in those who tuned into the program. Delgado and Channel One defense attorney, Johnny Contreras, initially denied that it has offended some of the groups present at the hearing.

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