Demonstrators Demand Gay Marriage In Paraguay

A demonstration in Asuncion, Paraguay on Saturday demanded that lawmakers approve a gay marriage law.

Over 500 activists participated in the 9th annual evening event, marching from the steps of Antequera to the Pantheon of Heroes, Asuncion’s memorial to the country’s fallen soldiers.

Demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as “Homosexuality is not a disease, it is enjoyed with protection.”
Analia Gonzalez, one of the protesters, told the AP: “This march is about gay and lesbian pride, but we are also demanding that Congress approve in the future a marriage law for people of the same sex.”

“And finally we are protesting the government of President Federico Franco because he approved by decree the use of genetically modified corn and cotton seeds,” he added.

In 2010, soon after neighboring Argentina approved marriage equality, gay activists in Paraguay began lobbying for a similar reform and introduced a bill to Congress. The Roman Catholic church backed several demonstrations in opposition to the proposed legislation, which lawmakers have yet to act on.

by On Top Magazine Staff
Source – On Top Magazine