Video: Violent repression of gay activists in Paraguay

Paraguay LGBT activists were assaulted by the National Police while protesting against homophobia during the “44th General Assembly of the OAS.”

Paraguay -. Activists Monday This LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) demonstrated in the vicinity of the premises of the South American Football Confederation in Luque , where he holds the 44th General Assembly of the OAS.

The protesters demanded the Paraguayan State to commit to the draft resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression presented by Brazil .

However, the peaceful demonstration was violently repressed by members of the National Police of Government of Horacio Cartes .

” Our movement will is peace, claimed love and dignity of a life free of violence , fear and discrimination, and not let intimidated by as unfortunate as that fact, “explained a member news organization SOMOSGAY and Lesvos .

10 protesters were reported injured. Among the protesters attacked by Paraguayan police are journalists: Enrique Davalos , Noelia Diaz and Christian Nunez .

However the attacks they suffered, LGBT activists Paraguay say they will continue to fight against homophobia and respect for their rights.

Source – SDPnoticias