Gay teen killed and dismembered in Peru

18-year-old gay Peruvian Joel Molero Sanchez was murdered and his body dismembered and burned but his killer claims it was an act of self defense

A gay Peruvian teen was murdered and his body dismembered and burned in the Amazonian city of Chachapoyas in late November, but his killer claims this was an act of self defense and his accomplices are still on the run.

Jorge Luis Sanchez Davila met 18-year-old Joel Molero Sanchez at a nightclub in late November and a security camera captured them leaving together around 3am.

Sanchez’ body was later found dismembered and burned and with what police believe are signs of torture but Davila is claiming he killed Sanchez in an act of self defense.

Police are seeking at least one other accomplice in the killing, in which Sanchez’ head, fingers, toes and genitals were removed.

The body parts were then put onto a straw mattress which was then set on fire.

Police were only able to identify Sanchez by a wristband that he was wearing on the day he was killed.

Peruvian gay activists say there is, on average, a homophobic murder in the country around once a week

Another young Peruvian gay man was set on fire by his father in the same region in April and only survived because neighbors intervened.

Peruvian lawmakers voted against including sexual orientation and gender identity in a hate crime law in July.

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News