Peru celebrities pose as gay couples for acceptance campaign

Some of Peru’s leading celebrities have posed together as if they were gay couples for a new tolerance campaign aimed at eliminating homophobia in the South American nation

A new billboard campaign in Lima, Peru hopes to help eliminate homophobia by showing famous Peruvians posing as if they were gay couples to show people that there is nothing wrong with being gay.

The billboards are part of the ‘Imaginary Couples’ campaign, which is modeled on a similar campaign from France by photographer Olivier Ciappa.

Each of the billboards thanks the pair of ‘heterosexual friends who agreed to be one of the ‘Imaginary Couples,’” featured in the photo and bare the slogan ‘Love is not a crime.’

Among the first ‘couples’ to be seen in the billboard campaign are politician and economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and musician-comedian Pablo Villanueva Branda, comedian Jorge Benavides and boxer Juan Zegarra, politician Kenji Fujimori and retired footballer Miguel Rebosio, and entertainer Carlos Galdós and actor Jason Day.

Lawmakers have been seeking to legalize same-sex civil unions in Peru since 2010 but the current government of President Ollanta Humala opposes them.

Last year Igualdad Peru director Luis Antonio Capurro told GSN that enlisting heterosexual allies would be crucial in achieving LGBTI equality in Peru.

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News