Peruvian Police Break Up ‘Kisses Against Homophobia’ Event With Water Cannons

Police in Peru used water cannons to break up a protest against homophobia.

The annual “Kisses Against Homophobia” protest took place Saturday, February 13 in Lima’s Plaza de Armas.

The protest involved over two dozen people and was organized by LGBT rights groups Promsex and Chola Contravisual.

Activists said that the police broke up their peaceful demonstration by spraying water and kerosene at the demonstrators from an armored police truck.

George Liendo, a spokesman for Promsex, said that the police ban LGBT protests in the square, a popular site for demonstrations.

“The aggression was excessive towards the young people who gather each year in the main square to kiss against homophobia,” Liendo said. “They [the police] are obligated to protect the LGBTI community, as it is a population that is particularly susceptible to violence.”

by On Top Magazine Staff
Source – On Top Magazine