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1 Gay Marriage Law Proposed In Uruguay 4/11

2 The Gay Scene in Uruguay 6/11

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April 09, 2011 – On Top Magazine

Gay Marriage Law Proposed In Uruguay

by On Top Magazine Staff
A bill that would legalize marriage between two members of the same sex is expected to be introduced in Uruguay next week, La Nacion reported. The bill was drafted with the help of the gay rights group Ovejas Negras (Black Sheep) and is being sponsored by Representative Sebastian Sabini of the Frente Amplio, the nation’s ruling party. The bill also proposes to reform divorce in the country, making it easier for couples to end their marriages.

Former President Tabare Vazquez turned tiny Uruguay into a gay rights leader in the region. During his 5-year tenure the country dropped its ban on gay troops serving in the military and gave gay couples the right to adopt children. In 2007, Uruguay became the first Latin American nation to recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. Two years later, Vazquez signed a groundbreaking transgender law that sets the legal guidelines for people who want to change their gender.

Last year, Argentina became the first nation in the region to legalize gay marriage. Gay couples in Mexico can marry in the municipality of Mexico City and their marriages are recognized throughout the nation. An effort to legalize gay marriage in Brazil was introduced last week.

June 9, 2011 – Sentidog
Spanish to English Translation

The Gay Scene in Uruguay

Uruguay needed to readjust to the demand for quality facilities dedicated to leisure and recreation gay. Many tourists in this segment come from the move to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and, of course, domestic tourists within the country. Although until now there were places that welcomed the public under the slogan gay friendly is also true that starts from the formation of the Gay Alliance Uruguay (AGU) the perception that should be created a new concept definitely applies to the gay crowd.

Almost spontaneously, in the same period (as a coincidence) several new businesses opened their doors backed coinciding more or less a month in its opening. These firms know that a European public, correct and demanding special treatment facilities, and other places need to relate to feel comfortable. The AGU consists of business services and leisure and entertainment for the gay, willing to offer visitors moments of leisure, entertainment and contact with people of similar interests, besides knowing the beauty of Uruguay. All within a framework of harmony and beauty, with quality offers.

Gay Alliance is made up of Chueca Montevideo MVD: a cultural and friendly bar, Il Tempo, disco pub, The Shire, gay restaurant, La Puerta Negra: first gay bed & breakfast in Uruguay Posada La Chihuahua: gay naturist, Sun Light Travel: first gay travel agency of the country and group collaboration Bears Uruguay. Each company has a calendar of events, parties and meetings, plus a series of synchronized and integrated activities.

Places to visit

La Puerta Negra
It is the first bed & breakfast in Uruguay, exclusively private space where travelers are greeted and served informally in a spirit of friendship which promotes camaraderie, meeting and exchange between all who share the accommodation (hosts and visitors ). Our purpose is to accommodate those gay men who visit the city for reasons tourism, work or social activism. In the house you can travel and stay in places of common use freely, without restrictions on the expression of emotions and the use of underwear to wear. The only limitation is respect for living with others.

Account Ricardo Acosta, one of its owners: "When we get together with my partner Raul and planned this venture we knew perfectly well that gay Uruguay spaces were two clubs to after midnight, some cinemas and places. But personally, I felt the need to attend a gay public place without having to wait until late at night. ChuecaMvd born, then, as a proposal for an audience that evening was not a chord in Montevideo. Our comfortable room, we invite you to enjoy tapas and drinks, accompanied by the best music, films and shows. "

October 03, 2011 –

A View from Montevideo

A look at hundreds of gay rights supporters in a fight for equal rights dance and cheer during the annual Gay Pride Parade in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

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