March for Diversity illuminates Montevideo in favor of LGBT culture

Since 2006, the March for Diversity illuminates every year the most important avenue in Montevideo with a ‘comparsa’ of thousands of people who dance, celebrate and shout slogans in favor of policies for the rights of the LGBT community. In this year’s edition, held on Friday, many marched with yellow and red handkerchiefs, colors chosen by the movements of activists in favor of the so-called trans law, which is under discussion in the Uruguayan Parliament. Diplomatic figures such as the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada participated in this march with their own posters and slogans.

The multitudinous event, which does not seek to attract only people discriminated because of their sexual orientation, does not use the name given in other countries and is carried out under the title of “March for Diversity”. In Argentina, a similar mobilization is called “March for LGBTIQ pride” while in other countries it is carried out under the #Pride tag, in reference to the vindication of the identity of this social group.

The activists’ claims for the approval of trans law regulations were present throughout this year’s event. Among the points provided by this law, is the creation of a system of student scholarships that includes this community, the economic reparation of 11,500 Uruguayan pesos (345 US dollars) to those who have suffered discrimination due to their condition as transsexuals during the 1970s and 1980s Uruguayan military dictatorship and enable the possibility that minors can change sex surgically without needing the consent of their parents.

The law, which has until October 27 to be approved by Parliament because the entry into force of the electoral ban (one year before the national elections) and is driven by the officialist party, Frente Amplio (FA), faces a meeting of signatures against, organized by opposition groups linked to the Christian Church ‘Mission Vida’, which submitted 40,000 signatures to Parliament.

In the march participated Great Britain’s ambassador, Ian Duddy that along with his diplomatic team and collaborators, marched accompanied by a bagpipe and under signs that indicated “Love is GREAT” with the colors of the Union Jack.

by Sebastián Astorga
Source – MercoPress