Venezuela’s interim president Nicolás Maduro says if he were gay, he’d ‘shout it to the four winds’

‘I would have no problem loving whomever I had to love with my heart’

Since taking over for the late Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s interim president Nicolas Maduro has been plagued with allegations that he is anti-gay.

The allegations surfaced again earlier this week he referred to political rival Henrique Capriles as ‘a little princess. He then added: ‘I do have a wife, you know? I do like women!’

Maduro insists he is not a homophobe and said in a television appearance: ‘If I were gay I’d take ownership of it with pride and shout it to the four winds and I would have no problem loving whomever I had to love with my heart.’

He then went on to talk about what he considers ‘the worst homophobe.’

Maduro says that ‘is one who is gay and discriminates against his own. It’s similar to a foreman in a slave-owner’s farm. A black traitor who whips an African man’s back. That’s the worst homophobe: He who denies his identity and discriminates against his equals.’

The site Blabbeando speculated that the ‘worst homophobe’ comment could have been a thinly-veiled reference to Capriles. Maduro’s campaign has reportedly questioned Capriles’ sexuality in the past.

by Greg Hernadez
Source – Gay Star News