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Queer Asia: The collective unearthing Pan-Asian history

Meet the project pushing queer Pan-Asian voices to the forefront, from London to Berlin. Interview Queer Asia, a network and collective of queer-identifying scholars, academics, activists and creatives, has been spotlighting issues affecting LGBTQ+ people – or those belonging to other non-normative sexualities and gender identities – in Asia or Asian diasporas. Set up in… Read more »

Decriminalizing Same Sex Relations In Asia: Socio-Cultural Factors Impeding Legal Reform

Editorial note: (why former British colonies in Asia have resisted calls to decriminalize same sex relation) I. Introduction In 1967, homosexual acts between consenting adults were decriminalized in England and Wales.1 Almost half a century later, however, it remains an offense to engage in same sex acts or same sex relations2 in every former British… Read more »

Asia’s LGBT people migrate to escape violence at home

Bangkok (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Long before Joe Wong surgically removed his breasts and uterus, he was Joleen, who once used an entire roll of brown duct tape to flatten her chest in an effort to look less feminine at her new secondary school in Singapore. A close relative, angered by her clumsy and obvious… Read more »