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Belgian Pride has a genius solution for keeping out ‘pinkwashing’ corporate sponsors

Belgian Pride is introducing a screening process for its corporate sponsors to ensure that they actually have inclusive, LGBT-friendly policies. The Pride parade, in Brussels, is Belgium’s largest LGBT+ event and is due to take place on May 23. Any companies wishing to take part now have to undergo a “diversity scan” carried out by… Read more »

Can you guess which country has the highest proportion of gay weddings?

One country has more same-sex weddings than you’d think… That’s right: according to the stats, Belgium has a higher proportion of gay weddings compared to all marriages than anywhere else. A study from statistics website 10 and 3 looked at the ongoing prevalence of weddings across a period of time in early adopters – Belgium,… Read more »

Belgium: No waffling on gay marriage

Stepping from the town hall into bright sunlight, Olivier Pierret raised his hand in triumph. It was his wedding day, and celebrations lay ahead. First was a vin d’honneur drinks reception among the airy rooms of an art gallery, then an elaborate dinner and finally, a surprise speech from his father, a taciturn 74-year-old who… Read more »

In Historic First, Belgian Bishop Calls Church to Bless Lesbian & Gay Couples

For the first time in known history, a Roman Catholic bishop has explicitly called for the Church to recognize and bless committed same-gender relationships. New Ways Ministry strongly applauds this bold and courageous move. Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, made his comments in an interview with De Morgen, a Belgian newspaper that was published… Read more »

Belgium’s Gay Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo Steps Down

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, the world’s first openly gay male head of state, on Monday stepped down following Sunday’s general election in which the New Flemish Alliance Party (N-VA) was the chief winner. Di Rupo, 62, handed in his government’s resignation to King Philip. “The king accepted the resignation and asked the government… Read more »

Moroccan faith healer arrested

Moroccan Muslim faith healer who was called by parents to ‘treat’ their 18 year-old lesbian daughter, is arrested over her burning death[edit] Belgian judicial authorities have arrested a Moroccan faith healer following the death of 18-year-old Layla Hachichi. The woman died as a result of burns. Her lifeless remains were recovered from her parents’ home… Read more »