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Finally the upper house of parliament has approved  an improved amendment regarding same-sex behavior.

The new amendment reads as: “A defendant shall be guilty of the offense of unnatural sex, if the defendant commits sexual conduct that is against the order of nature. However, any consensual sexual conduct that is against the order of nature committed in private between any adult human beings shall not be considered unnatural sex.”… Read more »

Bhutan Retains Criminal Status of Homosexuality.

The Legislative Committee of the National Council (Upper House of Parliament) has proposed to not repeal section 213 and 214 of the Penal Code. The Committee is of the view that the complete removal of the sections would mean non-conviction of a range of other sexual crimes. The National Assembly (Lowe House) had repealed it… Read more »

Bhutan: Historic opportunity to decriminalize same-sex relationships

Bhutan must seize an historic opportunity to secure equal rights for LGBTI people in the country, Amnesty International said today, calling on the upper house of parliament to pass a bill decriminalizing same-sex relationships. Following the lower house’s vote in favour of repealing discriminatory sections of the penal code last June, the bill proposing amendments… Read more »

Bhutan’s LGBTI community celebrate anti-gay law repeal

The small Himalayan kingdom became the latest country to decriminalize homosexuality on Friday (7 June) Bhutan’s LGBTI community had a good reason to celebrate over the weekend. The small Himalayan kingdom’s parliament voted to repeal two laws which criminalized homosexual sex late on Friday (7 June). Bhutanese LGBTI rights activists did not try to hide… Read more »

Bhutan mulls axing anti-gay law

The Himalayan country’s penal code punishes gay sex with up to one year in prison The Kingdom of Bhutan is considering decriminalizing gay sex as it looks to revise its Penal Code. The mountainous South Asian nation of 700,000 currently criminalizes gay sex. Articles 213 and 214 of the 2004 Penal Code punish same-sex sexual… Read more »

To Be, or Not to Be, in Bhutan

On My First Visit to Bhutan in 2007, one of the participants on our trip asked our guide Dorji about gay people in Bhutan. Dorji’s straight-faced reply was “I don’t think we have gay people in Bhutan.” Our driver, Karma, smirked at this comment, saying that he thought otherwise. But it was common to hear… Read more »