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Gay Kiss-A-Thon Held To Rally Support For LGBTQIA+ Couples In Colombia

In a show of inspiring solidarity, a community in Bogotá, Columbia came together on Sunday, August 7 to hold a kiss-a-thon in support of a gay couple who were set upon by a group after kissing publicly, reports BBC News. Colombians Came TogetherOn Friday, August 5, a video circulated on social media showing a queer… Read more »

Which is the world’s most LGBT-friendly city?

Even when cities seem progressive on the surface, the lived experience of members of the LGBT community can tell a dramatically different story Amid a mass of colour and pounding Latin rhythms, revellers at this year’s Bogotá Pride march waved banners stating “not one step back”. They were among tens of thousands who took to… Read more »

Colombia’s LGBT community may not be benefiting fully from reparations system

When Aura Hinestroza talks about her life, she divides it in two chapters: “The Aura who was happy, and the Aura who came after,” Hinestroza said. Eighteen years ago, Hinestroza was working as a journalist in Chocó, a western region in Colombia. She got a tip about the FARC, or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of… Read more »

Colombia gets first ‘polyamorous family’ as three men legally established as unit

Three gay men say they have gained legal recognition as the first “polyamorous family” in Colombia, where same-sex marriages were legalised last year. “We wanted to validate our household… and our rights, because we had no solid legal basis establishing us as a family,” said one of the men, actor Victor Hugo Prada, in a… Read more »

Colombian Opposition to Peace Deal Feeds Off Gay Rights Backlash

For the president’s many opponents, it was never just about derailing the peace deal. As Colombia debated how to end 52 years of war with the nation’s largest rebel group, there was the soccer player from the beloved national team who condemned the agreement, singled out President Juan Manuel Santos and accused him of practices… Read more »

Colombia High Court Paves Way for Gay Marriage Rights

Colombia’s highest court is paving the way for same-sex couples to marry in the conservative Roman Catholic nation. Gay couples in Colombia were already allowed to form civil unions, with many benefits of marriage including inheritance, pensions and health benefits. But the symbolically important right to wed was something that so far has been denied.… Read more »

Highest court in Colombia legalises equal marriage

The highest court in Colombia has paved the way for same-sex marriage by ruling in favour of equality. The Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that same-sex couples have an equal right to marry. Earlier this month the court rejected an opinion which would have stopped public notaries from registering gay couples as married. The court… Read more »

Colombia: the next battleground in the global fight for marriage equality

As the country’s top court prepares to rule on same-sex marriage, a man whose lawsuit has been hanging in the balance for two years hopes the landmark US supreme court decision ripples down to Latin America The US supreme court’s landmark decision last month legalizing gay marriage across the United States was the best news… Read more »

For Colombia’s Gay Couples, The Struggle For Same-Sex Marriage, Adoption Rights Continues

Bogata (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled that Veronica Botero could adopt her lesbian partner’s two children, the couple were ecstatic because their six-year legal battle seemed to be over. The ruling, handed down in 2014, was the first of its kind in the socially conservative Andean nation. But more than seven… Read more »

Colombia refuses to equalise adoption laws for same-sex couples

Colombia’s Constitutional Court has ruled to keep the current limits on same-sex adoption. The court said yesterday that same-sex couples could only adopt a child if it was the offspring of one of the partners. Campaigners have reacted with dismay at the ruling. Senator Armando Benedetti, a supporter of LGBT rights, called the judges “cowards”.… Read more »