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Two weeks after Croatia banned gay marriage, PM proposes civil unions

Zoran Milanovic is determined to bring in more rights for gay couples after 65% of Croatian voters said they were against equal marriage While Croatia may have voted at the ballot box to ban gay marriage, the liberal Prime Minister is determined to bring in rights for same-sex couples. The government has presented ‘life partnership’… Read more »

Croatia referendum votes for gay marriage ban

65 percent of Croatians answered ‘yes’ to ballot question banning same-sex marriage The referendum to forbid marriage equality in Croatia has won an overwhelming majority. The state’s electoral commission, citing close to complete numbers, noted that 65% of voters voted ‘yes’ on the following ballot question: ‘Do you agree that marriage is matrimony between a… Read more »

Gay rights supporters protest in Croatia

Hundreds of gay rights supporters in conservative and mainly Catholic Croatia have staged a protest, on the eve of a constitutional referendum that could outlaw same-sex marriage in the EU’s newest member state. More than 1000 people braved the cold and rainy weather to gather in a square in downtown Zagreb for a protest march… Read more »

Croatia rejects gay marriage in referendum: partial results

Agence France-Presse – A strong majority in staunchly Catholic Croatia voted Sunday to outlaw same-sex marriage in a referendum sought by a Church-backed group but strongly opposed by rights groups, partial results showed. A total of 64.84 percent of voters said “yes” to the question of whether they wanted to amend the constitution to include… Read more »

Croatia: Mayor of Zagreb agrees to host and sponsor annual LGBT conference

Following a meeting held on monday with Croatian LGBT groups, the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic has said the city would host and sponsor an annual LGBT conference. The annual conference of ILGA-Europe, now to take place in the city will have family relations as its main theme. “Zagreb is a tolerant, secure and hospitable… Read more »

Croatia to stage twelfth pride march in protest for equal marriage

A Croatian gay pride parade will take to the streets on Saturday against a backdrop of a proposed referendum to define marriage as a heterosexual union The event follows the recently planned initiative intended to rule out the possibility of legalising same-sex marriages. LGBT campaigners against the referendum plan to march in Croatia’s capital city,… Read more »

Gay rights demonstration in Croatia

The issue of gay rights is currently fuelling debate across Europe. In Croatia, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists gathered outside Zagreb’s main cathedral. This time, it was not about gay marriage, but education. The government and church are at loggerheads over a new curriculum for state primary schools, with sections on sexual minorities and… Read more »

Croatian court condemns football chief for gay hate

Vlatko Markovic, former president of the football federation, said: ‘Footballers are not gay, they are healthy people.’ Now tribunal rules he must apologize The Croatian Supreme Court has ordered the former chief of the HNS, the national football federation, to publicly apologize for his homophobia. Vlatko Markovic, 75, said to a journalist asking him if… Read more »

Gay-friendly Croatia Comes Out

Croatia is coming out of the closet this year. Nice things are happening: the second gay discoteque has opened in Zagreb, Split will host its own gay pride, the LGBT scene is rapidly changing and growing and, most importantly, Rab island, one of Cratia’s thousand islands welcomes LGBT guests more friendly than any other destination… Read more »