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Sexual Minorities & HIV Status

Antigua’s Buggery Law Unlikely To Change- by www.caribarena.com on 10/03/11: http://www.caribarena.com/antigua/news/latest/98529-antiguas-buggery-law-unlikely-to-change.html Antigua St John’s – ?I don?t care what happens in Belize, there will be no change in the law on buggery in Antigua & Barbuda. At least not if I can help it. Being gay is morally wrong, and to be honest personally, I… Read more »

Rights Activist Deplores Antigua’s Vote Against Gay UN Resolution

What’s in the news down at the Antigua Observer today related to gay people? An article about one courageous person pushing the government to step up to the plate and recognize gay rights equal human rights: Human Rights Activist Sir Clare Roberts has told government it should have taken the lead in the local fight… Read more »

Antigua & Barbuda: UN Representatives Urge End To Anti-buggery Law

St John’s, Antigua(Antigua Observer) – A number of representatives at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, yesterday recommended that Antigua & Barbuda do away with its anti-buggery law. The recommendations came following Attorney General Justin Simon’s presentation of the country’s human rights policies. As expected, there were several questions and recommendations raised with… Read more »

Antiguan dignitary criticises government’s LGBT rights stand

Source: Antigua Observer – Human Rights Activist Sir Clare Roberts has told [the Antigua & Barbuda] government it should have taken the lead in the local fight to reduce stigma and discrimination against persons of a different sexual orientation by signing a recent United Nations statement on Gay Rights. “Government has to set the trend.… Read more »

Being Gay in Antigua and Barbuda

Letter to Editor – It is a well noted fact that Antiguans and Barbudans are very divided on the issue of homosexuality, however the exact ratio is still yet to be determined. The point that I am trying to raise is that just like any other hot issue, it is placed on the back burner,… Read more »

Gay Antigua and Barbuda News & Reports

1 Antigua and Barbuda 6/07 2 West Indies: Anglican Church maintains stance on homosexuality 12/07 3 Homophobia regarded as a major setback to the HIV fight 9/09 4 Local MSM Community Watching Buggery Law Test Case in Belize 9/11 5 UNAIDS director says buggery law debate is good 10/11 June 2007 – newint.org 1 Antigua… Read more »