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Iraqi police behind anti-gay killings, says TV documentary

A BBC World Service programme has revealed that law enforcement agencies in Iraq are involved in the sustained systematic persecution of the country’s LGBT community. Campaigners say hundreds of gay men, and some women, have died in targeted killings in Iraq in recent years – with an upsurge in homophobic violence since the 2003 removal… Read more »

Witch-hunt in Iraq

Iraqi law enforcement agencies are involved in the systematic and deadly persecution of gay men and women there, a BBC investigation has revealed. Dozens, if not hundreds, of gay people have been killed in recent years, activists say, while the Western-backed government turns a blind eye – or worse. The UN tells the BBC that… Read more »

‘Emo’ killings raise alarms in Iraq

Baghdad (AP) — Young people who identify themselves as so-called Emos are being brutally killed at an alarming rate in Iraq, where militias have distributed hit lists of victims and security forces say they are unable to stop crimes against the subculture that is widely perceived in Iraq as being gay. Officials and human rights… Read more »

Reports of emo youth and LGBT people ‘being massacred in Iraq’

Since 6 February there have been continuous reports of militia targeting youths which focus on attacks, kidnapping, torture and murder of ‘emo’ youth and individuals perceived as gay, lesbian or trans. It appears that attacks have been taking place in Baghdad as well as in several in southern provinces. Emo, short for emotional or emocore… Read more »

Report: 40 People Kidnapped, Tortured, Murdered in Surge of Anti-Gay Violence in Iraq

Via press release from the IGLHRC: The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has today received reports from Iraq of a wave of targeted killings of individuals who are perceived to be gay or lesbian. According to Iraqi human rights activists, in early February 2012, an unidentified group posted death threats against “the adulterous… Read more »

Op-ed: The Legacy of the Bush War on Iraqi Gays

Even with the end of the war in Iraq, there is no relief for gay Iraqis who live in a desperate reality being documented by a publication called Gay Middle East. With the lowering of the American flag, finally off Iraqi soil as it returns home to the United States, and the ecstatic familial greetings… Read more »

Norway refuses gay Iraqi asylum

Correction: This story has been corrected to reflect new information that another Iraqi Kurdish asylum seeker, whose story had strong similarities and had also been reported in the Norwegian media, was in fact a different person. That Iraqi has been granted asylum. His name and picture have been removed from this story at his request.… Read more »