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The ugly truth about Islam and homosexuality

Malaysian teachers are being trained to spot signs of homosexuality I know Nick Clegg is worked up about the domestic “bigots” who oppose gay marriage. Though I am happy to dance at gay weddings, in our complex and turbulent world it doesn’t seem a major priority. Rather than arguing about something that since the introduction… Read more »

One Muslim’s fight to marry Islam with homosexuality

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed has made headlines by becoming the first French man to be married to another man in a Muslim religious ceremony. In his new book, he tells the tale of his unique journey of faith and love. Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is an intellectual, an expert on the Koran and an AIDS activist. The 35-year-old also… Read more »

Islam and homosexuality: All viewpoints

Speaking generally, religious beliefs within the world’s major faith groups are based on four main foundations: revelation in the form of a holy text; religious tradition; logic & reason; and personal experience. More liberal movements within these religions often tend to stress logic, reason, and personal experience. This includes scientific findings. It is only since… Read more »

Islam and Homosexuality: The Problem Isn’t Religion But Those Who Lead It

Of the 76 countries that persecute people for their sexual orientation, Iran will let an Islamic judge put them to death; Mauritania and Yemen will kill by public stoning; Saudi Arabia and parts of Nigeria and Somalia will do it based on their interpretation of Sharia law; Sudan will kill their citizens; and Iraq will… Read more »