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The ugly truth about Islam and homosexuality

Malaysian teachers are being trained to spot signs of homosexuality I know Nick Clegg is worked up about the domestic “bigots” who oppose gay marriage. Though I am happy to dance at gay weddings, in our complex and turbulent world it doesn’t seem a major priority. Rather than arguing about something that since the introduction… Read more »

Gay youth at risk of forced marriage

UK government warns summer holidays are peak time for young people to be taken overseas and forced into a marriage The UK government has issued a warning over the summer holidays over the increased risk of young gay men and women being forced into marriage. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, summer holidays are… Read more »

Contents Under Pressure: A Queer Muslim Unsilenced

Being both Muslim and queer always seemed like mutually exclusive identities to me. The ideological clash meant I simply could not be both. This wasn’t a satisfying way of looking at the world – I didn’t think I should have to repent for being a certain way. I began asking some big questions in high… Read more »

One Muslim’s fight to marry Islam with homosexuality

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed has made headlines by becoming the first French man to be married to another man in a Muslim religious ceremony. In his new book, he tells the tale of his unique journey of faith and love. Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is an intellectual, an expert on the Koran and an AIDS activist. The 35-year-old also… Read more »

Straight but narrow

A debate about homosexuality in Islam is beginning. But in Muslim lands persecution—and hypocrisy—are still rife One leaflet showed a wooden doll hanging from a noose and suggested burning or stoning homosexuals. “God Abhors You” read another. A third warned gays: “Turn or Burn”. Three Muslim men who handed out the leaflets in the English… Read more »

Islam and homosexuality: All viewpoints

Speaking generally, religious beliefs within the world’s major faith groups are based on four main foundations: revelation in the form of a holy text; religious tradition; logic & reason; and personal experience. More liberal movements within these religions often tend to stress logic, reason, and personal experience. This includes scientific findings. It is only since… Read more »

Islam and Homosexuality: The Problem Isn’t Religion But Those Who Lead It

Of the 76 countries that persecute people for their sexual orientation, Iran will let an Islamic judge put them to death; Mauritania and Yemen will kill by public stoning; Saudi Arabia and parts of Nigeria and Somalia will do it based on their interpretation of Sharia law; Sudan will kill their citizens; and Iraq will… Read more »