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Maldives opposition party youth sport initiative attacked as cover for ‘sodomy’

The party of deposed Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has been attacked by the rival National Unity Party over a youth sports policy which it says will promote homosexuality and sodomy The Maldivian Democratic Party has been attacked over a youth sports and entertainment policy which a rival party says will promote homosexuality in the country.… Read more »

Trouble in paradise: The darker side of the Maldives

Public lashings. Religious extremists seizing power. A gay blogger with his throat slashed. Few of the million annual visitors to the Maldives will recognise the hellish side of these heavenly islands Hilath Rasheed, the first openly gay and secular blogger in the Maldives, was about to walk through his front door one afternoon last year… Read more »

‘The Island President Deposed’ (non-gay background)

I first heard about Mohamed Nasheed in 2008, when, immediately after taking office as the first-ever democratically elected leader of the Maldives, he decided not just to repair his country’s broken economy and nurture its fragile democracy but also to take up the formidable battle against climate change. The Maldives is considered among the nations… Read more »