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Sierra Leone president wades into Uganda aid cut debate

President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone has urged the West to consider ‘culture, tradition [and] religious beliefs’ in Uganda before cutting aid money following the country’s new anti-gay law Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma has added his voice to the Uganda aid cut debate, saying ‘it is not right for issues to be imposed lock,… Read more »

Sierra Leone gay activist escapes broken glass murder attempt

George Reginald Freeman, a Sierra Leone LGBT activist narrowly escaped a murder attempt after a local tabloid outed him, which he blames for inciting violence A Sierra Leonean gay rights activist narrowly escaped death when two unidentified assailants attacked him in his car. George Reginald Freeman, executive director of Pride Equality, had his car destroyed… Read more »

Movement Begins for Homosexual Rights in Africa

Opposition to homosexuality remains strong in most of Africa. Many people have been beaten or killed because of their sexual orientation. But an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) group in Sierra Leone is pushing for more awareness and protection of LGBT rights. Life for George Freeman has not been easy. He says he always… Read more »

Sierra Leonean Clergyman Speaks In Favout Of LGBT People

A Sierra Leonean Methodist clergyman, Bishop John Yambasu on Sunday evening made a pro-LGBTI speech while on a visit to the US saying that sexual orientation is one of many identities that tie people together. He stated that people relate better to those who share the same sexual orientation. He also stressed the difficulty to… Read more »

Sierra Leone bishop calls for unity with LGBT United Methodists

Tampa, Fla. — A bishop from Sierra Leone preached that the love of God binds us together much stronger than divisions of race, sexual orientation, or even family affiliation. Bishop John Yambasu, Resident United Methodist Bishop to Sierra Leone, spoke at the Africana Dinner at the United Methodist Church General Conference on Sunday evening. The… Read more »

Sierra Leone Rights Body Issues Report On Homophobic Trends

Dignity Association, a human rights community based organization, that advocates LGBT rights in Sierra Leone, has issued a report on homophobic trends in that country. In a statement sent to Behind the Mask in Nigeria from Sierra Leone, Dignity said that since the statement made by the British Prime Minister and the US Secretary of… Read more »

Nigerian Human Rights Group Channels Aid To Sirra Leonean LGBT Activists

LGBT Rights activists in Sierra Leone have received aid from an LGBT human rights defender fund coordinated by the Nigeria human rights organization, The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs). In November 2011, George Freeman, the leader of WhyCantWeGetMarried.Com, an LGBT human rights group in Sierra Leone, reported a homophobic occurrence that members of the group… Read more »

Islamic Groups Protest LGBT Rights in Sierra Leone, Promise Biweekly Demonstrations

Anti-gay groups in Sierra Leone are promising bi-weekly protests in reaction to growing pushes for LGBT rights in the region and efforts by Western politicians to enforce the human rights of LGBT people in African nations, Africa Review reports: Close to 1,000 protesters thronged the streets at the east end of Freetown attracting scores of… Read more »