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Slovakia says no to gay partnership law

Slovakia’s parliament voted against the introduction of a same-sex partnership law Slovakia’s parliament rejected today (6 November) an opposition proposal to recognize gay partnerships. The bill has been passionately debated with the government and right wing parties accusing the opposition of blasphemy. Allegations were also made that granting same-sex relationship equivalent status as heterosexual marriage… Read more »

Slovakian opposition party proposes legislation for registered same-sex couples

The opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party of Slovakia have announced plans to submit a bill to next month’s parliamentary session that would partially make the registered partnerships of LGBT couples equal with those of married heterosexual couples. As reported in the Slovak Spectator, MP Martin Poliacik of the party said: “This proposal addresses fundamental… Read more »

U.S., Canadian, other ambassadors to Slovakia publicly support gay pride parade

Bratislava, Slovakia – Twenty prominent ambassadors to Slovakia, including the Canadian, U.S., and many European Union state ambassadors, notably Polish and Hungarian, signed a public endorsement of a homosexual pride parade that took place this week. The Duhovy or “Rainbow” Pride parade took place on June 4 in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Participants demanded legalized same-sex “marriage”… Read more »

Title: “Identity of Homosexual Minority in Czech and Slovak Republics”

Abstract: The article points out an insufficient legislative regulation of rights of homosexual minority, and a consequent discrimination of the particular minority in the Slovak republic as well as in the Czech Republic. While in the Czech Republic the first step was taken in an enactment by adoption of the Law on registered partnership, in… Read more »

Gay rights gaining momentum in Slovakia

Since splitting into two separate nations in 1993, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have travelled at different speeds in relation to gay equality laws. The Czech Republic passed a civil union bill in 2006, while the Slovak Parliament is yet to pass same-sex relationship recognition. KoÅ¡ice-raised Vlad, 39, and Topoany-raised Juraj, 31, have their views… Read more »