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Catholic priest gives amazing speech for LGBT rights in Trinidad

Catholic priest Dr Fr Stephen Geofroy has called for the equal rights of LGBTs to be enshrined in the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago in a surprising speech to a government consultation Support for the legal equality of LGBT people has come from a surprising place during a Trinidad and Tobago government public consultation on… Read more »

Foodie Friday: Trinidad & Tobago’s Street Food 101

One of the first things you’ll notice about the islands of Trinidad and Tobago – besides the rolling mountains, romantic beaches, and endless palm trees – is the deep love of local food by those who know it best. With a unique blend of flavors that come from the islands’ mix of Indian and African… Read more »

Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister to give ‘due consideration’ to LGBT discrimination

The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago has gone on record to say that she will give “due consideration” to the issue of discrimination raised by LGBT people. A new gender equality policy is expected to be brought forward by the Prime Minister, who has said she doesn’t condone discrimination, which could suggest that she… Read more »

Timeline lacking as Trinidad pushes for LGBT rights

Kamla Persad-Bissessar, prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago In response to a letter from the UK-based LGBT advocacy group, Kaleidoscope Trust, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has stated that the country’s new Gender Policy will include increased recognition of the human rights of LGBT individuals. As a result, there will likely be a… Read more »

Activist to sue Trinidad and Tobago entry ban on gays

A gay Jamaican activist is suing the government of Trinidad and Tobago over its entry ban against homosexuals Maurice Tomlinson, an LGBT advocate is to challenge Trinidad and Tobago’s entry ban on gays in an international court. Tomilnson, a Jamaican national and legal advisor for the NGO AIDS-Free World has been invited to give two… Read more »

2nd IDAHO Walk Urges Equal Opportunity

The 2nd annual IDAHO walkabout urges Equal Opportunity Commissioners, Parliamentarians to “add all three”, outlawing age, HIV and sexual orientation discrimination In a reprise of last year’s inaugural local commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (the anniversary of the World Health Organisation’s 17 May 1990 declassification of homosexuality as a mental illness),… Read more »

Gays, lesbians take to streets today

Outlaw age, HIV and sexual discrimination! That’s the message to legislators which T&T’s gay community will “parade” through Port-of-Spain today when they will stage their second annual commemorative walk against homophobia and transphobia. The walk will particularly urge Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) members and parliamentarians to outlaw age, HIV and sexual-orientation discrimination. “The goal of… Read more »

Stirrings of a new LGBT movement

Anthony Morris and Judea Beatrice, study abroad students in Trinidad and Tobago, report on two LGBT rights protests and the potential beginnings of a new movement. When We got to Trinidad and Tobago, we immediately noticed the ubiquitous culture of homophobia. Hanging out with about 10 students, nobody questions the student who conversationally remarks, “I… Read more »

CAISO’s first Advocate Award

Something happened in July 2007 that sowed the seeds of an exciting new advocacy movement by gay and lesbian, bi and Trans people in Trinidad and Tobago – a movement that we have seen flourish over the past year. CAISO wants to recognise the person who sowed those seeds, and to acknowledge his role in… Read more »