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Libya: Gay men speak out about abductions and beatings by Islamic militia

Gay men in Libya have spoken out about the largest and most powerful militia brigade, and claim that men have been arrested, and assaulted by them, just for being gay. The Times reported that the Nawasi brigade, Tripoli’s biggest Islamist militia group, are to blame for the abductions and beatings, and witnesses said such arrests… Read more »

Libyan militia to surrender homosexual captives

Twelve alleged homosexuals abducted last week from a private party in Tripoli’s Ain Zara district will be handed over to the justice ministry; Libya Herald quoted a senior member of the Nawasi Brigade as saying on Tuesday (November 27th). The so-called “Private Deterrent Force” posted images of the men on its Facebook page, saying the… Read more »

Libya: Islamic supremacists threaten mutilation and death for kidnapped “homosexuals”

“The Nawasi brigade…claims to be under the authority of the Ministry of Interior.” Sharia descending upon brave new democratic “Arab Spring” Libya: “Extremists threaten mutilation and death for seized ‘homosexuals,’” from Libya Herald, November 26 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Extremists say they will execute a dozen men they allege are homosexuals, whom they… Read more »