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Vatican welcomes world’s only gay leader and his husband to meet the Pope

The gay Prime Minister of Luxembourg and his husband have been welcomed to the Vatican. Xavier Bettel, who married his husband, Gauthier Destenay, in 2015, was welcomed by Catholic officials. Archbishop Ganswein, a leader of the Catholic church and personal secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, met Bettel and his partner as they arrived for… Read more »

Gay Couples Begin Marrying In Luxembourg

A gay marriage law in Luxembourg approved by lawmakers over the summer came into force on January 1. According to the Luxemburger Wort, Jean Paul Olinger and Henri Lorenzo Huber were the first gay couple to exchange vows. The men, both in their 60s, live in the south-western city of Differdange. Differdange Mayor Roberto Traversini… Read more »