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The ‘gayest’ city in the world?

Skopje’s classical makeover may be both controversial and kitsch, but we couldn’t get enough of it! Imagine If Mariah Carey Decided To Rebuild Ancient Rome… Thankfully, One Doesn’t Have To Conjure Up Depictions Of Glitzy Statues And Wedding-Cake Style Buildings, As Such A Place Exists And It Is Called Skopje. From faux neoclassical façades to… Read more »

Macedonia bans same-sex marriages and civil unions

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has moved to ban same-sex marriage, as well as making it extremely difficult for any future legislation to allow same-sex civil unions to pass. The Parliament of Macedonia voted 72-4 yesterday to define marriage as specifically between one man and one woman. The amendment definise marriages as “a life… Read more »

Macedonia to ban same-sex marriage

Politicians in the Macedonian Assembly have voted to ban same-sex marriage. The proposal came from the conservative government and was supported by two-thirds of members of the national assembly in a vote on Wednesday. It aims to define marraige specifically as “a union between an man and a woman”. Now the government is to draft… Read more »

Macedonia: Hooded anti-gay vandals invade LGBT support centre in country’s capital

Around 20 hooded vandals stormed the second birthday of an LGBT support centre on Thursday, throwing bottles and crates and leaving one girl injured. Balkan Insight reports the incident took place at the Damar Cafe in Skopje’s Old Bazaar area. Uranija Pirovska, director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia, said: “The hooligans… Read more »