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Mauritius Supreme Court Decriminalizes Gay Sex in Landmark Decision

Advocates hailed the decision on the African island nation while the court disparaged the law’s British colonial era origins in its ruling. The Supreme Court of the East African country of Mauritius decriminalized same-sex sexual relations Wednesday when it declared the country’s British colonial era anti-sodomy laws relations were unconstitutional. The decision was handed down… Read more »

Mauritius defiantly celebrates Pride with a kaleidoscopic march and calls for an end to its colonial-era gay sex ban

Mauritius hosted a rare, kaleidoscopic LGBT+ Pride parade amid the COVID-19 pandemic, calling on lawmakers to decriminalise same-sex relations. The LGBT+ Pride event, which took place on Saturday (October 10), was organised by the Collectif Arc-en-Cieland. It saw more than 500 people march the streets in hopes of being heard, recognised and seen. Mauritius is… Read more »

Pride leader got hundreds of death threats in just one day in Mauritius

LGBTI advocates received threats of mutilation and execution The LGBTI community in Mauritius is in shock after organizers cancelled the annual Pride March cancelled because of threats of violence from ‘anti-LGBTQ’ protestors. Mauritius’s leading LGBTI organization, the Collectif Arc-en-Ciel (CAEC), plans the Pride March ever year. 2018 was supposed to be the 13th anniversary of… Read more »

Humans Into The Pride – The 11th LGBT Pride March 2016, Mauritius

Humans Into The Pride – The 11th LGBT Pride March 2016, Mauritius Filmed by Shirish Ramma Source – YouTube

Mauritius: The homosexual community proud of its difference parades through the streets of Rose-Hill

The homosexual community of Mauritius marched through the streets of Rose Hill, Saturday, June 6, 2015, to defend its right to be different during the tenth edition of the Pride March. Homosexuals, bisexuals, “trans” as well as heterosexual hand in hand, in a rainbow sky procession thus have walked together to fight against homophobia on… Read more »

Mauritius-Rights: Sceptical Welcome for Equality Law

Port-Louis (IPS) – Nobody shall suffer prejudice in his social life or his place of work because of his or her ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, political conviction or physical handicap. This is the challenge of Mauritius’s new Equal Opportunities Act (EOA). In Mauritius, the Constitution guarantees everybody’s rights. Yet, women, minorities and many… Read more »

Mauritius Holds First Gay Pride

Activists on the tiny island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa staged the nation’s first Gay Pride parade over the weekend in the town of Rose Hill. Carrying hundreds of brightly colored balloons and waving banners saying “Viva sexual freedom!” and “To be gay is not a crime,”… Read more »