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Pakistan’s Gay Community Quietly Breaking Barriers

Actor Assad Khan is part of a generation of young men breaking barriers for gays in conservative Pakistan, where homosexuality is punished by prison or worse. Assad Khan knew he was different from a very young age. As a child at home he preferred playing with his two sisters rather than his two brothers. At… Read more »

Queer Pakistani Website Banned By Authorities In Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned an online initiative for LGBT community in Pakistan by the name of QueerPk. The website, launched in July 2013, aimed to extend online support for the LGBT community, and has been in the media since then. “No one can squeeze space for us. We are ready for a long cyber… Read more »

Pakistan’s gays show cyber pride

The country’s almost invisible LGBT community has launched a pioneering website in a hostile internet environment. Karachi, Pakistan – Pakistan’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has launched a website in a hostile cyberspace in which the government blocks thousands of sites for displaying “objectionable and offensive” material. “Queer Pakistan”, launched last month, aims… Read more »

Despite strong intolerance of gays, Pakistan leads in world for gay porn searches

Despite being strongly intolerant of gay and lesbian people, Pakistan leads in the world for the most Google searches for gay porn, according to a recent analysis of search terms. The analysis, posted by Mother Jones, found that Pakistan was the world leader in searches for the terms “teen anal sex”, “man fucking man”, and… Read more »

Pakistan internet users top Google searches for gay sex despite being one of the world’s most homophobic countries

Survey shows only 2 per cent think society should accept homosexuality Google gives Pakistan a 100 rating in trends analysis of internet searches Pakistan has the highest volume of internet searches for gay pornography despite being one of the least tolerant countries when it comes to homosexuality. The most searches for terms related to same-sex… Read more »

Pakistani lesbian couple marry in U.K. defying threats

On a day that a French lesbian love story won the top award at Cannes, two young lesbians from Pakistan became the first Muslim women in Britain to marry in a civil ceremony in what the gay community hailed as a “landmark” event. Rehana Kausar (34) and Sobia Kamar (29) said they decided to go… Read more »

Being queer without fear: films on LGBTS from Iran, Pakistan

What must it be like to be a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender in a conservative country? This year, the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival will highlight the travails of the LGBT community by screening films from countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Serbia and Israel. Still from Noor, a film about the LGBT community… Read more »

Gay man says life is easier in Pakistan than in the US

Gay man makes controversial statement in an interview with AFP, says he feels more comfortable in Pakistan than the US There are no gay bars, ‘LGBT rights’ is an unheard phrase and homosexuality is considered to be against the ruling religion – but one gay man has said he finds life easier in Pakistan than… Read more »

Pakistan: First trans woman in general election says the community is ‘more than dancers and beggars’

For the first time a trans woman is running for Pakistan’s general election in May, campaigning on an equality platform that she hopes will improve opportunities for maginalised groups. Sanam Fakir, 32, is a trans woman from Sukkur, and says she wants to campaign for equality for members of the hijra community. In Pakistan the… Read more »

Exploding the myths: Truth about gays

This sounds quite ridiculous but gays are often imagined to be promiscuous, irreligious, lacking any commitment, sense of responsibility and family values. Nothing could be far from the truth There are many anti-gay myths prevalent in Pakistan. Following are just a few of them. Substantial evidence, empirical data and scientific studies also suggest that these… Read more »

Transgender Pakistanis face society’s scorn

Rawalpindi, Pakistan (AP) — Dressed up in elaborate, feminine outfits and artfully applied makeup, they are showered with money while dancing at all-male wedding parties. But the lives of transgender people in Pakistan are also marked by harassment, rejection and poverty. Transgender people live in a tenuous position in conservative Pakistan, where the roles of… Read more »