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At the 11th hour, Papua New Guinea’s HIV drug crisis has been averted

The international pressure has forced the government to commit more funding to HIV treatment Stocks of anti-retroviral drugs to treat HIV have been replenished in Papua New Guinea as the country faced a critical shortage. Last month, medical experts and HIV advocates warned people ‘may die’ due to the low number of HIV drugs in… Read more »

Papua New Guinea is running out of vital HIV drugs and people could die

HIV-positive Papua New Guineans could die if the country’s dwindling antiretroviral drugs supply is not replenished soon, advocacy groups have warned. The Oceanic nation is eating into its ‘buffer’ supply of the HIV medicine after the government slashed the budget for the treatment, reported ABC News. ? “We’re talking about quite a serious situation …… Read more »

Papua New Guinea police open fire on student protest

Papua New Guinea have opened fire on a student demonstration at a university campus. Further shooting was reported outside a hospital where the wounded were being treated. Papua New Guinea police opened fire on students rallying in the capital, Port Moresby, as they prepared to march to parliament on Wednesday. The protesters were calling for… Read more »

UN Recognises EMTV Journalists

United Nations Women office in PNG has recognised EMTV journalists, Deborah Pranis and Florence Jonduo, for excellence in reporting on HIV and Gender Based Violence in Papua New Guinea. Both journalists were recognised for their reporting on EMTV’s Olsem Wanem program, a 30-minute documentary that looks into social issues affecting ordinary Papua New Guineans. The… Read more »

Reduce sex work stigma in PNG to bring down numbers of AIDS deaths, says Port Moresby governor

The governor of Papua New Guinea’s capital says he is willing to disregard laws that prosecute sex workers if it means an end to the discrimination that is linked to the country’s large numbers of AIDS-related deaths. Papua New Guinea has one of the highest rates of HIV infections outside of the African continent and… Read more »

Gay asylum seekers fear arrest for reporting rape in Papua New Guinea

Gay asylum seekers to Australia fear reporting rape in case they are arrested for homosexuality. Australia has been sending asylum seekers to the Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea, where homosexuality is illegal. Several gay men from Iran said they had been told they would be arrested if they spoke out about the… Read more »

Film helping change attitudes about homosexuality in PNG

The Papua New Guinea Human Rights Film Festival is moving across the country, telling the stories of those oppressed in PNG and across the Pacific. One film being featured tells the story of Hanuabada village, a haven for gay and transgender people living in Port Moresby. Homosexuality is illegal in PNG, but the large community… Read more »

Being Gay in Papua New Guinea

Hanuabada village is one of few places that gay and transgender men can live in relative safety in Papua New Guinea, a country where homosexuality is illegal. Around thirty gay men permanently live in the village, a collection of traditional-style Papuan houses on stilts. Other PNG homosexuals have moved there from other places around the… Read more »

Impact of Male Circumcision on the HIV Epidemic in Papua New Guinea: A Country with Extensive Foreskin Cutting Practices.

Abstract The degree to which adult medical male circumcision (MC) programs can reduce new HIV infections in a moderate HIV prevalence country like Papua New Guinea (PNG) are uncertain especially given the widespread prevalence of longitudinal foreskin cuts among adult males. We estimated the likely impact of a medical MC intervention in PNG using a… Read more »