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Taiwan to get its first International Queer Film Festival

Taiwan: Taiwan is getting ready to host its first International Queer Film Festival which organizers say is an endeavor to showcase LGBT themes to the Taiwanese people as well as highlight awareness about issues the community faces. “We hope that the Queer Festival will not only play an anchor role in showing to the Taiwanese… Read more »

Hong Kong urged to learn from Japan, Taiwan’s stand on equality

Hong Kong: International rights activists are urging Hong Kong’s lawmakers to heed the examples of Japan and Taiwan and take a stand against anti-gay prejudice and discrimination. “Taiwan serves as a model because it has already enacted legislation that protects sexual minorities against discrimination in employment and education,” said Professor Holning Lau of the University… Read more »

Taiwan begins campaign to woo gay tourists

Taiwan: Taiwan is officially wooing gay tourists in the hope of becoming Asia’s top tourist destination in a region that is often openly hostile towards gay people. In its bid to raise its presence on the world stage, Taiwan has been pushing hard to increase tourist numbers. Lagging behind rivals Japan and China, the country’s… Read more »

High ratings and no complaints for Taiwan’s first gay comedy

Last Sunday, PTS, Taiwan’s public televisions station, aired what is being hailed as the first gay comedy on public television in Taiwan. The broadcast came amidst rival same-sex marriage demonstrations in Taipei. Last week PTS broadcasted Penguins at North Pole, a lighthearted look at homosexual issues within families in the country. PTS has aired gay… Read more »

Taiwan TV Airs Its First Gay Family Comedy

Taiwan television made local broadcast history Sunday, airing Penguins at North Pole, a short film that has been billed as the country’s “first gay-themed family comedy.” “In most Asian countries this topic is still quite a taboo,” said Jessie Shih, deputy director of the international department at Taiwan’s Public Television Service. “And many among the… Read more »