El Salvador, Central America

In El Salvador's penal code there is no mention of laws punishing homosexuality. There are laws regarding "moral behavior and good habits" which allow judges an extended field of interpretation. The age of consent is set at 18 years, regardless of sexual orientation. There is a gay and lesbian organization in El Salvador called the Asociacion Entre Amigos - the Among Friends Association Since 1996. A Gay Pride parade takes place each June. Nevertheless, there are reports of harassment and pressure by what some believe are agents of the police, the government and Christian groups.



Stabbed 58 times, transgender woman flees El Salvador

Tapachula, Mexico – With red hair, carefully made up and dressed in feminine attire, Neila stood out in the gang-ravaged El Salvador neighbourhood where she was born a man. She put up with the taunts, jeers and insults over her gender identity for years, but it was a fourth savage knife attack that finally drove… Read more »

Senate GOP filibusters nominee over pro-gay editorial

Senate Republicans successfully filibustered on Monday the confirmation of an ambassadorial nominee, citing a pro-LGBT editorial she wrote as one reason to vote against her. The cloture vote to advance the nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte for the position of U.S. ambassador to El Salvador failed by 49-37 on a mostly party-line basis. Aponte has… Read more »

Hispanic Caucus urges Senate to confirm Obama’s pick for El Salvador ambassador

Washington — Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Tuesday pressed the Senate to swiftly confirm President Barack Obama’s nominee for ambassador to El Salvador, casting Republican opposition as denying a Hispanic woman a rare shot at a prestigious diplomatic post. In gloves-off political terms, seven members of the caucus said the Senate’s failure to… Read more »

Gay El Salvador News & Reports

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