Angola, Africa

Angola was a Portuguese colony from the 16th century to 1975. The country is the second-largest petroleum and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa, yet its people are among the continent's poorest. According to the International Monetary Fund, more than $4 billion in oil receipts have disappeared from Angola's treasury in the 2000s. LGBT rights in Angola are very limited. Homosexuality has been against the law in Angola since colonial times under Portuguese law. Homosexuality is according to the law "an offence against the public moral" and therefore prohibited.



Angolan TV producers apologise over gays kissing

The producers of a popular television soap in Angola have apologised after an episode which showed a gay couple kissing caused outrage among viewers. State television said it had suspended broadcasts of Jikulumessu for “technical reasons”. Many viewers felt the programme went too far by showing two men kissing, although homosexuality is not illegal in… Read more »

Being gay not an issue in independent-minded Angola

Luanda | Angola: Unlike the situation in countries like Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, Angolans tolerate LGBT people and even applaud those with talent, provided they keep their sexual orientation private. Of course, there’s a significant difference between “tolerance” and “acceptance”, but still, what accounts for the relative open-minded of Angolans on this issue, and could… Read more »

Angola News & Reports

1 Angola: Invisible and vulnerable 6/08 2 Israeli ambassador first to be accompanied by gay spouse 11/09 19 June 2008 – PlusNews 1 – Angola: Invisible and vulnerable Luanda (PlusNews) – It was a wedding that pulled out all the stops, including a party at the Marine Club on the island of Luanda and a… Read more »