US Ambassador revives gay debate; wants respectful dialogue

Outgoing US Ambassador to Ghana, Donald Teitelbaum says the country needs an open respectful dialogue on the issue of gay rights.

The subject attracted a lot of controversy when some Western governments suggested African countries such as Ghana may have to review their stance on homosexuality if they are to enjoy continued economic support.

However, the late President Mills had stated categorically that Ghana will never support gay rights.

But Mr. Teitelbaum who was addressing journalists at his final official media interaction yesterday said the country could emulate the example of the US.

“It is not for me to tell Ghanaians how to think or how to act, but what I would say is that I really do believe that Ghanaians, first and foremost, I see it everyday in the way Ghanaians act, Ghanaians accept the idea of respecting people’s fundamental rights, as you threat each other everyday.

“…it is my view, that Ghana properly need to do something like we have done in the United States, and have open respect for dialogue about how you can reconcile your belief and rights, because the Ghanaian constitution, as I understand it, guarantees rights base on citizenship.”

According to Mr Donald Teitelbaum, oppressing people because of their sexual orientation was wrong.

“You have this incident of gay bashing of homosexuals or this business we talk about corrective rape where people rape women because they are lesbians. I think it is not OK. It is not OK to oppress people because of the life they choose to live.”

Source – Joy Online