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Ghana Needs A Clear Policy On Homosexuality – MP

The Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alex Afenyo-Markin is urging government to declare its position on homosexuality. He made this point after Health Minister; Sherry Ayittey read a statement on the floor of Parliament on healthy living. Although some Legislators suggested a different platform for the discussion of the matter, Mr. Afenyo-Markin insisted that a… Read more »

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh: Gays are ‘vermin’ and should be treated worse than mosquitoes

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has referred to gay people as “vermin”, saying they should be dealt with in the same way as mosquitoes which “cause” malaria. President Jammeh made the comments on Tuesday. He has in the past referred to gays as a threat to humanity, saying a year ago that gay rights were a… Read more »

Ghana tops gay list in Africa Email thisShare This

(From: The Independent Newspaper) Ghana has been named as the African country with the most registered homosexual ‘hopefuls’ seeking expatriate partners. This is according to an online website that is ripe with homosexual information. A statement on accraexpats.com by a contributor, Andy S, stated that though Ghana was not an African gay paradise, there may… Read more »

Leading Ghana cleric: gay people are ‘Satan’s deadly agenda’

The head of Ghana’s Presbyterian Church, Emmanuel Martey, alleged that gays are plotting to have the country ‘destroyed’ by infiltrating its government The head of Ghana’s Presbyterian Church, Emmanuel Martey, alleged that gays are plotting to have the country ‘destroyed’ by infiltrating its government Emmanuel Martey, head of Ghana’s Presbyterian Church said that gays form… Read more »

Two Ghana schools expel 53 students for being gay

Leading Ghanaian high schools kick out pupils, claiming they formed a society and were recruiting others into being gay Fifty three students have been expelled from two of the leading high schools in Ghana for being gay. The events have erupted into an anti-gay media frenzy in Ghana. Ninteen pupils at Opoku Ware Secondary High… Read more »

Ghana and Africa must learn to respect LGBT rights

Instead of running anti-gay hate campaigns, Ghana and Africa should tolerate and respect sexual diversity which is inherent to its culture and traditions Following Ghana´s electoral campaign riddled with anti-gay hate, Prince K. MacDonald, a leading Human and LGBT rights advocate in the country, writing under a pseudonym, outlines a critical response. Homosexuality is not… Read more »

Turning the Tide: Increasing Access to HIV Prevention and Care for Men Who Have Sex with Men in Ghana

A Q&A with Kim Green, Deputy Country Director for Ghana, FHI 360 According to the most recent Lancet issue, even though men who have sex with men (MSM) bear a disproportionate burden of HIV, they continue to be excluded from HIV services because of stigma, discrimination and criminalization. One of the primary challenges to reducing… Read more »

US Ambassador revives gay debate; wants respectful dialogue

Outgoing US Ambassador to Ghana, Donald Teitelbaum says the country needs an open respectful dialogue on the issue of gay rights. The subject attracted a lot of controversy when some Western governments suggested African countries such as Ghana may have to review their stance on homosexuality if they are to enjoy continued economic support. However,… Read more »

Rumors Ghana’s new vice president is gay spark moral panic

Unproven allegations that new vice president of Ghana, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, is gay have been circulating creating a moral panic in the country A political scandal has been rocking Ghana in the last two weeks with allegations circulating in the local media that the newly sworn vice president, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, is gay. The Ghananian… Read more »

Ghana Supreme Court to rule on gay rights

Ghana has adopted a recommendation by a constitutional review commission to rule on legalizing same-sex acts The Constitution Review Commission (CRC) of Ghana has recommended the country’s Supreme Court should rule on whether the country should legalise same-sex acts. The suggestion was adopted by the country’s government earlier this week (16 July). Under Ghanaian law,… Read more »

Ghanaina Activist Defends Gay Community Against Charges Of “Recruiting”

Mac-Darling Cobbinah a Ghanaian HIV activist and human rights defender last week attacked as “misleading” the methodology of a 2011 study of MSM in Ghana which accused gay men of recruiting heterosexual men for sex. In an article entitled “Gays recruiting for MSM study?” which he distributed to activists across Africa, Cobbinah said the authors… Read more »

Ghana’s education ministry “optimistic” it can stop homosexuality

A spokesman for Ghana’s Education Ministry has told the Accra Mail he is confident a programme in which teachers warn students of the “adverse consequences” of being gay will make it “a thing of the past”. Paul Krampah, a Public Relations Officer, said his department’s HIV/AIDS Secretariat had been training teachers to educate students on… Read more »

Education Ministry fights homosexuality in schools

The Ministry of Education is optimistic homosexuality in the country’s Junior and Senior High Schools will soon be a thing of the past. Ahead of World AIDS day which falls on December 1, Paul Krampah, the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, in an interview with Xfm 95.1 said the Ministry’s HIV/AIDS Secretariat has trained teachers who… Read more »

Lesbian/Gay issues in schools; Education Ministry steps in

The Ministry of Education’s Public Relations Officer, Paul Krampah has said that the Ministry’s HIV/AIDS Secretariat has trained teachers to educate students homosexuality and its “adverse consequences” including HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. According to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVSSU) of the Ghana Police Service, more teenage boys in Junior High… Read more »

Decriminalising sexual orientation: Three African states compared

At the beginning of 2011, 36 states in Africa criminalised sexual orientation, with penalties ranging from fines in Algeria and Kenya, to the death penalty in Sudan and Nigeria. The ‘criminalisation of sexual orientation’ is a blanket term that refers to criminal sanctions imposed on individuals that engage in adult same-sex conduct, which in turn… Read more »