Tanzania Police Arrest Grooms and Guests in Homosexual Marriage

Tanzanian police invaded a homosexual marriage in Pongwe Beach on the island of Tanzania and arrested 10 people, along with the couple, because of their sexual orientation. According to Amnesty International, the policemen entered the place where the party took place and took all the men who were sitting in pairs, already assuming that they would be couples.

Homosexuality is considered a crime and could lead to imprisonment, although the government has previously committed to no longer address this issue. “It is shocking that the government has stated that no one would be detained for sexual orientation or gender, and now it is doing so,” said Seif Magango, Amnesty International director of West Africa.

“It is a real attack on humanity and the right of people to exercise their existence. This shows the danger of leading people with a discriminatory speech to the government, “he added.

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Source – Opais