Cambodia, Asia

Cambodia's main industries are garments, tourism, and construction. In 2007, foreign visitors to Angkor Wat numbered more than 4 million. In 2005, oil and natural gas deposits were found beneath Cambodia's territorial water, and once commercial extraction begins in 2011, the oil revenues could profoundly affect Cambodia's economy. Some aspects of LGBT rights are supported by law in Cambodia, including that homosexuality is legal. King Norodom Sihanouk in 2004 showed support for gay marriage, although this has not resulted in new laws to accommodate it. Cambodia's first ever LGBT Pride celebration was held in 2003 in the capital city of Phnom Penh. It is now a yearly event that openly celebrates the diversity of Cambodia. Once a taboo subject, there is an increasing acceptance for homosexuality among Cambodians. In 2006, about 400 Cambodians in the Gay and Lesbian communities came to support and celebrate Gay Pride. 



Cambodian Police Force 2 MSMs to Cut Hair

Men who have sex with men (MSM) are still under degrading treat- ment. Arrest, detention and inhuman or degrading treatments against MSM and other most-at-risk population have been reportedly committed by Cambodian law enforcement officials. Nokorwat newspaper (Temple News) which is a Cambodian local newspaper in its article issued on 28 November 2011 said two… Read more »

Gay Cambodia News & Reports 2009-11

1 Brothels, Sex Workers and Torture 1/09 (background story) 2 Cambodia to ban foreign gays from adopting children 2/09 3 Celebrate at Phnom Penh Pride 2009! 2/09 4 A gay-friendlier Kingdom 3/09 5 HIV/AIDS crisis looming among gay men: report 8/09 6 Cambodia: Bloggers discuss LGBT issues 1/10 7 About GK 2/10 8 By Ancient… Read more »

Gay Cambodia News & Reports 2004-08

 1 Cambodian King Comments on Gay Marriages 2/04 2 A Search for Sexual Identities in the Shadows of Angkor Wat 6/04 3 Compassion in Cambodia (from the gay-friendly King) 11/04 4 By Siem Reap’s Ruins, a New Night Scene (including a gay/mixed bar) 5/05 5 There’s a growing gay scene in Phnom Penh and Siem… Read more »