HK youth magazine declares it’s all for gays

100 Most challenges gay haters in the not-so-socially-liberal international city

A popular youth magazine in Hong Kong has thrown its full weight behind gays and lesbians.

In an almost combative tone, the cover of its lastest issue reads in red fonts: ‘100 Most is backing gay lo fully, so what can you do!’

‘Gay lo’ is a mildly pejorative term for gay men in Cantonese, but it is used in the 10-page feature so frequently and repetitively that it even sounds chummy.

Eric Tsui, 100 Most’s editor-in-chief, spells out his stance on the first page.

  • 100 Most is 100% for gay rights
  • There is no need to support gays with complicated reasons, just as no grand causes are needed in love.

The happily-married man then goes on Facebook to take on people who have bombarded him with the story of two gay fathers exploiting their young son.

  • I was first shocked and then gave it a laugh. Are there no heterosexual criminals? Should heterosexual marriage be banned (Please don’t, I don’t wanna go behind bars)? How difficult it is to understand the logic?

The mag’s interviews with the local gay rights movement’s poster children are genuine and adorable, but GSN loves the section that ‘teaches’ straight people how to react to friends’ coming out.

  • We are so close. Do you think I know nothing? Don’t be silly! I’m just waiting for you to come out.
  • Why wait? Coming out is nothing to be sad or depressed about. It should be celebrated enormously instead.
  • Argh, we could have gone for drinks much sooner if you had come out sooner. You’re to blame for keeping me waiting!
  • P.S. Have you ever met Anthony Wong? Is he really nice?

100 Most also shows tidbits of Big Love Alliance’s forthcoming book on gay rights: ‘If your children are gay and you have never felt a thing. Your friends might as well desert you for your stupidity!’ said Denise Ho’s father.

by Derek Yiu
Source – Gay Star News