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Hong Kong students pair up in photos for marriage equality

Eight gay and straight uni students go to universities for photo shoots to support same-sex love ‘In every corner on campus, there are always coupless and newlyweds taking daily life photos and wedding pictures. But gays are always absent at these heart-warming moments. This not because there are no gay people in our lives, but… Read more »

Fifth Hong Kong Pride bigger than ever

LGBT community in Hong Kong more visible than ever at fifth Hong Kong Pride Today’s Hong Kong Pride showed the LGBT community there are more visible than ever before The head of Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunity Commission Dr York Chow addressed the crowd, as did member of the legislative council Cyd Ho. This year, the… Read more »

HK youth magazine declares it’s all for gays

100 Most challenges gay haters in the not-so-socially-liberal international city A popular youth magazine in Hong Kong has thrown its full weight behind gays and lesbians. In an almost combative tone, the cover of its lastest issue reads in red fonts: ‘100 Most is backing gay lo fully, so what can you do!’ ‘Gay lo’… Read more »

I AM ME video project to address anti-LGBT bullying in Hong Kong schools

Pink Alliance, a coalition of Hong Kong’s LGBT groups, has launched the I am ME video advocacy project to generate public awareness about anti-LGBT bullying of school students because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Pink Alliance, a coalition of Hong Kong’s LGBT groups, have launched the I am ME video advocacy project to… Read more »

New Hong Kong equal opportunities commissioner says he will protect LGBT people

Incoming head of the Equal Opportunities Commission attempts to ally fears his Christianity will prevent his protection of sexual orientation and gender identity minorities The incoming head of the Equal Opportunities Commission in Hong Kong has said that his Christian faith will not prevent him from protecting the rights of LGBT people. Former health secretary… Read more »

HIV At 30-Year High With More Gay Men Infected

HIV infection is on the rise in Hong Kong, with a 30-year high of 513 new cases recorded last year, health authorities say. The cases marked a 17 per cent rise from 2011, Dr Wong Ka-hing, consultant to the Department of Health’s special preventive programme, said yesterday. In almost half the new cases, the virus… Read more »

Anti-gay protestors rally against Hong Kong LGBTs

Tens of thousands turned up to support an anti-gay rally in Hong Kong, to show they do not support a government consultation on an gay discrimination law Campaigners opposed to gay rights rallied today (13 January) in Tamar Park, near government buildings in Hong Kong, against government consultation on a law to protect gays from… Read more »

Hong Kong: Out of the closet

Following the closing of the second Pink Season and the 23rd Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival which started in 1989 when gay sex was still a criminal offence, Fridae’s Hong Kong Correspondent Nigel Collett looks back at the territory’s LGBT history and how far LGBTs have become mainstream including the election of its… Read more »

Hong Kong lawmakers reject public consultation on equal rights for sexual minorities

Gay rights group describes opposing legislators as ‘in the Stone Ages and oblivious to world trends’ Hong Kong lawmakers rejected a motion calling for a public consultation on equal rights for people of all sexual orientations yesterday. The motion was proposed by pro-human-rights legislator Cyd Ho. Only 33 of the 70 members of the legislative… Read more »