Nepal, Asia

The Himalaya mountain range runs across Nepal's northern and western parts, and eight of the world's ten highest mountains, including the highest, Mount Everest, lie within its borders. On December 28, 2007, a bill was passed in parliament to amend the constitution declaring Nepal a federal republic, and thereby abolishing the monarchy. The bill came into force on May 28, 2008 as a constituent assembly meeting in the capital, Kathmandu, overwhelmingly voted to abolish royal rule. As of 2008 homosexuality and cross-dressing are criminal offenses but gay rights in Nepal are in a state of change in light of recent Supreme Court rulings to ensure the right to life according to their own identities and assuring equal rights to LGBTIs and amend all discriminatory laws.



Nepal pioneers a third gender on official documents, but concerns persist

In January of this year Nepal officially recognized a third gender category on citizenship documents. Local media lauded the government for recognizing the rights of sexual and gender minorities in the post-war fledgling republic, home to one of the most successful LGBT rights movements in the world. However despite this spike in attention, the reports… Read more »

Alarming Instances of Harassment Against Nepal’s Gender Minorities

Letter to Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Prime Minister of Nepal – Kathmandu, Nepal Honourable Prime Minister, We are writing this letter, as the leadership of the International AIDS Society, to express our deep concern in relation to the alarming instances of harassment that sexual and gender minorities, and the organizations that champion their cause in Nepal,… Read more »

“Advocacy for human rights”, a new book features Nepal and Blue Diamond Society

Dear LGBTI Colleagues in Nepal and our Allies and Friends We are nicely surprised that our work/activism has been acknowledged in this new book about human rights activism around the world: http://www. This will be a major text book in universities for years to come, and it’s great to see Nepal/BDS featured as an… Read more »

Asia’s first gay sports tournament in Nepal–Photo Gallery

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Asia’s first gay sports tournament begins in Nepal

Hundreds of athletes Friday took part in Asia’s first-ever sports tournament for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, organisers said. The three-day event at the national football stadium and other venues around Kathmandu kicked off with a football match between local teams. The tournament features basketball, volleyball, football, martial arts and… Read more »

Louganis boost to South Asia’s first LGBTI games

Nepal is set to host South Asia’s first sports festival exclusively for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered and intersexes -LGBTI in short-a three-day event which will kick start this Friday. But more than the 350 athletes from Nepal and 150 others expected from 17 countries, the main attraction of the festival would be Olympic legend Gregory… Read more »

Self-perception of stigma and discrimination among men having sex with men.

Self-perception of stigma and discrimination among men having sex with men. Abstract Background: Men having sex with men are hidden population in Nepal due to existing of stigma and discrimination in social, economic and others aspects. Due to present stigma and discrimination majority of men having sex with men do not have access to HIV/AIDS… Read more »

Nepal to host LGBTI sports festival Oct 12-14

In what organisers have dubbed to be a first for South Asia, Nepal will host a LGBTI sports festival in Kathmandu from October 12 to 14 that will see the participation of at least 200 local amateur athletes from the LGBTI community and some 150 foreign athletes from 17 countries. which are organised by “lesbian,… Read more »

Update Regarding The Situation With Sagarmatha TV

Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Nepal’s leading human rights organization which has been fighting for the rights of sexual and gender minorities since 2001 strongly condemned the sensational piece of yellow journalism broadcast by Sagarmatha TV starting on August 14, 2012. Sagarmatha TV’s Khoj Khabar program which bills itself as “investigative journalism,” put a black mark… Read more »

An openly gay Olympian, Greg Louganis, confirmed to be the guest of honor for South Asia’s First LGBTI sport festival…

Kathmandu, Nepal – In what is a ‘first’ for South Asia, Nepal will be hosting a LGBTI sports festival at the Dasharath Rangashala stadium and the National Theater Hall in Kathmandu from October 12 to 14 this year. This unique sporting and social awareness event is modeled on the global Gay Games which are organized… Read more »

Nepalese LGBT rights group condemn ‘brazen thuggery’ of ‘biased and malicious’ TV programme

The Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Nepal’s leading LGBT rights organisation, have issued a statement condemning “a biased and malicious” news report about their activities, which was screened on a national television station this week. Sagarmatha TV’s Khoj Khabar programme – which is described as an “investigative journalism” show – allegedly accused BDS of corruption and… Read more »

Third gender finally recognized in Nepal

LGBT community welcomed a decision by the Nepalese government to recognize third gender as ‘other’ The LGBT community in Nepal has welcomed a decision by the government to recognize third gender people as ‘other’ on citizenship identification cards. Third gender refers to people who consider themselves neither male nor female and includes people who present… Read more »

Nepal’s Sunil Pant Keeps His Country at the Forefront of LGBT Rights

There is not one single gay bar in Nepal. Yet this small country, which ranks near the bottom of the Human Development Index, emerges as a world leader in progressive laws supporting LGBT individuals. The man behind all of this is Sunil Pant, Founder and Director of the Blue Diamond Society, Nepal’s LGBT organization. Under… Read more »

Nepal’s first gender-neutral public toilet to be unveiled

Nepal’s first openly gay MP has secured the opening of the country’s first gender-neutral toilet. The public convenience, paid for by a Parliamentary Development Fund, will opened next week in the western city of Nepalgunj under the auspices of Sunil Pant. Mr Pant told “I decided to use part of my Parliamentary Development Fund… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2011

1 Human Rights Plan of Government Includes LGBT Rights 1/11 2 Nepal aims to tap valuable gay tourist market 1/11 3 Sunil B Pant’s speech on civil society hearing on HIV 4/11 4 Third gender issued citizenship certificate 4/11 5 Transgender Nepalis Perform Traditional Wedding Blessing for Royal Couple 4/11 6 Nepalese census includes category… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2010

1 Nepal to court gay tourism 1/10 2 Sexual Minorities Still Struggling In Nepal 1/10 3 Capital to see first LGBT Centre in region 2/10 4 17 Tibetans land in police net 2/10 5 Beauty and Brains – 2 min trailer 2/10 6 Nepal to Offer Everest Weddings to Attract More Gay Tourists 3/10 7… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2009

1 Nepalese MP honoured for work fighting homophobia 1/09 2 First transgender choir strikes gay rights chord in Nepal 2/09 3 Nepal’s sexual minorities on the move 3/09 4 Nepal: Kathmandu, Luring Gays as Tourism Destination 3/09 5 Gay Nepalese MP looks towards greater acceptance of gays and lesbians 4/09 6 Nepal becoming haven for… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2007-08

1 South African Homo-Politico Helps Nepalese Nancies 1/07 2 Blue Diamond Society Receives International Recognition 1/07 3 Nepal gives legal status to transgender for the first time 2/07 4 Maoists Released Two “Lesbian Suspects” After a Month-long Detention 4/07 5 Lesbians released by Nepal rebels 4/07 6 Finding a Gay-Owned Business in Nepal Just Got… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2006

1 Nepal: Police on ‘Sexual Cleansing’ Drive 1/06 2 Nepal transsexual ‘abuse’ concern 1/06 3 Human Rights Watch petitions Nepal on transgender rights 1/06 4 ‘Sexual Cleansing’ Continues in Nepal, 26 New Arrests 3/06 5 Nepal’s gay community joins anti-king protests 4/06 6 HIV hospice for gay and transgender men offers hope 5/06 6a Nepal’s… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2004-05

1 Nepal LGBT Group Supports UN pro-gay Resolution 1/04 2 The Kathmandu Statement on Sexual Orientation… 2/04 3 The latest injustice and violence against Homosexuals in Kathmandu 3/04 4 Many Children are growing up under continuous harassments and assaults 5/04 5 Nepal gay group threatened with closure 7/04 6 Members of Blue Diamond Society randomly… Read more »

Gay Nepal News & Reports 2000-03

1 ‘Married’ Nepal Lesbian Couple Reported to Police by Own families 3/00 2 Increasing police abuse brings gay rights issue to the fore 4/03 3 Police Brawl with Gays in Katmandu 5/03 4 Coming Out in Nepal 5/03 5 Need for sexual minorities to find their voices 6/03 6 Another Brutality against Homosexual in Nepal… Read more »