Hong Kong’s politicians vote against law for same-sex civil unions

Hong Kong needs same-sex civil unions to help protect the rights of LGBTI couples Hong Kong’s lawmakers have voted against a motion which would have set into motion a debate on legalizing same-sex unions. The city’s only openly gay legislator, Ray Chan, introduced the motion into the Legislative Council on Thursday afternoon (22 November). But… Read more »

LGBTI migrant workers step out for their rights in Hong Kong

Migrant workers face a lot of discrimination in Hong Kong and it can be worse if they’re LGBTI A coalition of LGBT migrant workers made themselves heard in central Hong Kong. Migrants’ Pride was held where the headquarters of many global firms and international banks are located. More than a protest, than a pride parade,… Read more »

Ten of the best photos from Miss First Nation Taiwan beauty pageant

Taiwan celebrated its aboriginal drag queens this weekend in the capital, Taipei Drag artiste Rose Mary was crowned Miss First Nation Taiwan in the inaugural drag beauty pageant in Taipei on Saturday (10 November). The event saw four drag queens from Taiwan’s aboriginal community battle it out for the crown. ‘I did something I considered… Read more »

LGBTI Vietnamese pedal for rights at Hanoi Pride

People in Vietnam’s capital took to their bikes to push for trans rights and same-sex marriage in the country More than 1,000 people joined the Hanoi Pride parade on Sunday (11 November). The parade is unique in Asia, with LGBTI supporters getting on their bikes to peddle for rights. Bicycles, scooters, and rickshaws bedecked in… Read more »

Thousands protest LGBTI community in Bogor, Indonesia

‘LGBT is very contagious and dangerous for the nation’s generations’ one of the organizers said Thousands of anti-LGBTI protesters marched on the Mayor’s Office in Bogor, Indonesia on Friday (9 November). The rally, organized by Muslim groups, pressured Bogor’s mayor to ban LGBTI people from the city on Java island. Chairman of the Anti-LGBT Bogor… Read more »

Police arrest 10 ‘suspected lesbians’ after two women hug in Facebook photo

The LGBTI crackdown in Indonesia is intensifying again Indonesia’s ongoing crackdown on the LGBTI community has intensified with the arrest of 10 ‘suspected lesbian’ women. Police in Padang, West Sumatra arrested the 10 women after someone reported them for being LGBTI. The person saw a photo of of one of the women kissing and hugging… Read more »

Runners inspire LGBT Community to be visible in Hong Kong after fourth place finish at The Great Relay

Hong Kong has seen a number of positive developments in relation to sporting activities even if political developments and LGBT rights have lagged behind. With OutRunners offering members of the LGBT community an active outlet if they want more than just clubs and bars, in combination with the establishment of “Out in Hong Kong”, which… Read more »

Myanmar is arresting people for being gay under colonial-era sodomy law

Two people have recently been charged under Section 377, a law advocates say was rarely enforced At least two recent arrests of LGBTI Myanmar citizens using the country’s anti-gay law has shaken the community. Police have reportedly charged a local restaurant owner and a make-up artist, who both reportedly identify as gay, in the last… Read more »

Hong Kong Pride will push for LGBTI equality at the largest march to date

Organizers are calling for a law addressing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status Organizers expect record attendance at this year’s Hong Kong Pride parade. The annual march in the autonomous territory in southeastern China takes place on Saturday 17 November. The theme is Call for the Law, Equality for… Read more »

LGBTI Christian group forced to cancel event in Armenia after death threats

Armenia is the second worst country in Europe for LGBTI rights An LGBTI Christian group canceled an upcoming event in Armenia after receiving violence and death threats. The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and the ‘New Generation’ Humanitarian NGO scheduled a four-day conference in Armenia’s capital Yerevan, starting 15 November. However, in the last… Read more »

Thailand’s lesbian tennis player wins big

Luksika Kumkhum, who just won the Mumbai Open, is one of only four out LGBTI professional tennis players Thailand’s only openly gay professional tennis player, Luksika Kumkhum, is making an impact at home and abroad after a big win on Sunday (4 November). She beat Russia’s Irina Khromacheva, 1-6, 6-2, 6-3, in a nearly four-hour… Read more »

Thailand marching towards recognizing same-sex unions by the end of 2018

Thailand’s cabinet will consider the Life Partnership bill later this month, possibly making Thailand the first place in Asia to recognize same-sex unions Thailand’s military government is holding public consultations on same-sex unions and may pass legislation before the end of the year. The Life Partnership bill could be considered by cabinet by the end… Read more »

Gay man with HIV charged under Myanmar sodomy law

Yangon, Myanmar — The LGBTI community in Myanmar has demand fair media coverage of a gay man with HIV who is charged under the controversial Penal Code 377 for allegedly committing sexual abuse against one of his employees. The accused, Aung Myo Htut, aka Addy Chen, is an outspoken LGBTI rights advocates and commonly known… Read more »

‘No limits’ Beijing queer film festival returns this weekend

The 13th edition of mainland China’s longest-running LGBTI film festival opens with Birds in Mire by Zhang Wanlin Fans of queer Asia cinema are in for a treat this weekend as the week-long Beijing queer film festival opens in China’s capital. The festival, now known as Love Queer Cinema Week, returns for its 11th edition… Read more »

Is this China’s chance for marriage equality?

Gay Star News spoke to Sun Wenlin, the man pushing China’s leaders to recognize same-sex marriage Sun Wenlin wants the government of China to change its civil code and recognize same-sex marriage. Sun, from China’s Hunan Province, launched an online campaign this month to encourage the National People’s Congress (NPC) to discuss equal marriage. His… Read more »

Malaysian official plays down claim there are 310,000 ‘homosexuals’ in the country

A senior officer from the Islamic Development Department said this week the country had ‘rehabilitated’ 1,450 LGBTI Malaysians A senior officer from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) on Tuesday (31 October) said his earlier remark that there were 310,000 homosexuals in Malaysia was only ‘preliminary’. On Monday, Jakim’s Mohd Izwan Md Yusof said the… Read more »

Taiwan’s Gay Pride Parade Draws Thousands, as Votes on Same-Sex Marriage Near

Taipei, Taiwan — A year ago, participants in Taipei’s annual gay pride parade — the biggest event of its kind in East Asia — had a lot to celebrate. Taiwan’s constitutional court had given the government until May 2019 to legalize same-sex marriage, ruling that the civil code’s definition of marriage as being between a… Read more »

The modern gay history of Taipei, Asia’s most LGBTI-friendly city

Cruising grounds, police raids, and the biggest Pride in East Asia It’s undeniable: Taipei is one of the greatest LGBTI cities in the entire world. The Taiwanese capital is the epicenter of gay rights in the country. The city hosts the second largest gay pride in Asia (behind Tel Aviv, Israel), the country is becoming… Read more »

In fear for their lives: The hidden LGBTI community of Brunei

Brunei’s LGBTI community face severe social stigma and the threat of brutal anti-LGBTI laws in the majority Muslim nation ‘I’m extremely scared,’ says Khairul, a young gay man from Brunei. ‘Khairul’ (not his real name) would only speak to GSN under the condition of anonymity out of fear of persecution in his home country. ‘Being… Read more »

Stop using LGBTI Malaysians as ‘punching bag’ warns lawyer group

Lawyers for Liberty was responding to calls from political leader, Anwar Ibrahim, to reject LGBTI ‘lifestyle’ Malaysia’s leaders must stop using the LGBTI community for political gain, said local civil society group Lawyers for Liberty. It comes as LGBTI Malaysians feel increasingly persecuted under Malaysia’s nascent new government. ‘The LGBT have to live in hiding… Read more »

It took thousands of police to keep this South Korea pride parade violence-free

Recent pride events in South Korea’s cities have been violently disrupted by conservative Christian protestors A pride festival and parade in South Korea’s Busan went ahead without major disruption from conservative protestors on Saturday (13 October). Some 2,000 police kept the event’s 15,000 attendees safe, according to organizer Minsoo Kim. It comes after similar events… Read more »

Tokyo bars LGBTI discrimination ahead of 2020 Olympic Games

New legislation protects against gender and sexuality based discrimination and promises LGBTI education programs in Japan’s capital, Tokyo The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Friday (5 October) passed a bill to tackle discrimination against the LGBTI community ahead of the Olympics in 2020. ‘This act upholds the goal of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to make Tokyo… Read more »

LGBTI community in Nepal brings issues to lawmakers

Nepal is often considered one of the best places in Asia in recognizing LGBTI rights Despite government guarantees to protect rights in Nepal, the LGBTI community has not seen significant change, an NGO told lawmakers this week. Nepal is known as one of the most progressive countries for LGBTI rights in Asia. The mountainous South… Read more »

LGBTI South Koreans back on streets to protest violence at Incheon pride

Police and protesters appeared to outnumber attendees of LGBTI rally to speak out against hate More than 100 LGBTI rights advocates rallied in South Korea’s port city Incheon on Wednesday (3 October). They were demonstrating against violence from conservative protesters and police inaction at the first Incheon Queer Culture Festival on 8 September. The Open… Read more »

My court case could see Jamaica follow India and make gay sex legal

Lawyer and LGBTI activist Maurice Tomlinson is waiting for his day in court to strike down Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law The Indian Supreme Court’s historic judgement decriminalising homosexuality has given me new hope I may soon have my day in court to challenge Jamaica’s law. Few people know this – but the anti-gay law in Jamaica… Read more »

Indonesian police stop an LGBTI pageant from happening in Bali

Indonesian authorities have stopped an LGBTI pageant from happening in Bali. Muslim leaders said all LGBTI events should be banned across Indonesia. Police said they cancelled the event because of ‘rejection from the Balinese community’. They cancelled the Mr and Miss Gaya Dewata event claiming they received letters of complaint from locals in Bali. The… Read more »

High Court in India grants lesbian couple police protection from families

The couple fled to the capital, Delhi, after facing mental and physical abuse from their parents in Rajasthan A lesbian couple in India rushed to the capital, Delhi, to seek protection from their families who disapprove of the relationship. Luckily, the Delhi High Court granted them police protection, according to local media. It is another… Read more »

Students celebrate end to India’s gay sex ban at Pondicherry’s first pride parade

After pushback from Pondicherry University, some 200 people waved flags and banners for LGBTI equality on the campus Some 200 students took the streets of Pondicherry in southeastern India for the city’s first pride parade. LGBTI advocates and allies marched through Pondicherry University holding banners and waving flags to celebrate India’s recent decriminalization of gay… Read more »

Movement to repeal Singapore’s anti-gay law calls for public action

At a town hall meeting, Ready4Repeal calls on Singaporeans to advocate for the scrapping of an infamous law banning male homosexual sex A coalition of LGBTI rights activists and allies have called on the Singaporean public to take a stand on repealing a law banning male homosexual sex. Ready4Repeal, a group of campaigning for the… Read more »

Gay teacher in China files case for unfair dismissal

In landmark case and big step for LGBTI rights in China, labor arbitration will hear whether a teacher was unfairly dismissed due to his sexuality A labor arbitration committee in Qingdao, China will hear an unfair dismissal case brought by a kindergarten teacher who claims he was fired for being gay. The school allegedly fired… Read more »

Indian court rules lesbian couple should live together

It is believed to be the first time an Indian court upheld the recent Supreme Court decision to dismantle the Section 377 and legalize gay sex The High Court of Kerala in south India on Monday ruled that a lesbian couple should live together. Importantly, the judges upheld the Supreme Court’s recent decision to dismantle… Read more »

Veteran Singapore diplomat Tommy Koh backs petition to repeal anti-gay law

But, the petition to repeal Singapore’s Section 377A still has only half the signatures of a petition to keep it Singapore’s Ambassador-at-Large, Professor Tommy Koh, has backed a petition to repeal the city-state’s anti-gay law, Section 377A. The Ready4Repeal campaign announced the veteran diplomat as a lead signatory on Friday (21 September). ‘377A is a… Read more »

Constant homophobic abuse won’t stop this Middle East lesbian helping others

‘It makes me happy and makes me want to live.’ Aisha a 29-year-old Muslim lesbian living in the Middle East describes her life as ‘one blockade after another’. Even though her father is extremely abusive, Aisha can’t move out. It’s not culturally accepted for women to move out of their family homes until they are… Read more »

LGBTI advocates denounce support for Singapore’s anti-gay law

Islamic and Christian organizations have voiced support for Singapore’s Section 377A amid intense debate over the anti-gay law Advocates for LGBTI rights have hit back at religious institutions for supporting Singapore’s anti-gay law, Section 377A. In the last two weeks both Christian and Islamic organizations have expressed support for the law that punishes gay sex… Read more »

India’s transgender population still at risk after gay sex decriminalized

While much of India’s LGBTI community may be celebrating the end of gay sex ban, transgender people in the capital have reported a surge in violence Despite a major win for the LGBTI community in India, transgender people are still vulnerable. On 6 September, India’s Supreme Court ruled that a law making gay sex illegal… Read more »

Hong Kong recognizes same-sex partnerships in spousal visa applications

The administrative change comes after top court ruled denying dependent visas to same-sex couples was unconstitutional Same-sex spouses will be able to apply for dependent visas to stay with their partners in Hong Kong from Wednesday (19 September). The government will change its visa policy in line with a historic legal ruling in July this… Read more »

Gay Sex In China: Where Communist Puritanism Meets Colonial Baggage

Centuries-old tales showing an acceptance of same-sex romance abound in Chinese culture, but even ultra modern Hong Kong lags behind in embracing the LGBTI community Like India, where the recent decriminalisation of gay sex is a return to deep historical roots, China has a long tradition of acceptance – at times even celebration – of… Read more »

‘No LGBTI discrimination in Singapore’, says education minister

Rights activist strongly disputes minister’s claim that Singapore’s LGBTI community does not experience discrimination Singapore’s education minister has claimed that LGBTI people in the city-state do not experience discrimination. ‘The fact is [that LGBTI people] live in Singapore peacefully, no discrimination at work, housing (and) education,’ said minister Ong Ye Kung. ‘However, on the issue… Read more »

The Guardian view on gay rights: India backs freedom – others should follow

Editorial The supreme court judgment decriminalising homosexuality overturned a colonial era law. But its welcome ruling is a reminder of the work to be done elsewhere Unless you are gay, and have lived in one of the 70 or so countries where homosexuality is illegal, it is hard to imagine what it would feel like… Read more »

This DJ Is Challenging Singapore’s Gay Sex Ban

This will be the first case brought against the archaic law since 2014. A tide of change is lapping at the shores of southern Asia. The decriminalizing of gay sex in India last week has galvanized people in the region to take more strides towards equality, with the newest push coming from a DJ in… Read more »