‘We are ready’: Singapore’s LGBTI community celebrates 10th Pride rally

The 10th Pink Dot SG sent a clear message to Singapore that LGBTI people will fight for their rights

Singapore’s largest LGBTQ-affirming movement, Pink Dot SG, celebrated its 10th anniversary at the weekend.

The LGBTI rally has overcome a lot of adversity to make it to its 10th birthday.

But on the weekend thousands of Singaporeans and Permanent Residents sent a strong message to the country. The thousands of attendees used pink lights to spell out ‘three simple yet powerful words – “We Are Ready” – a clarion call for inclusion, diversity and equality’.

Before the 2017 event, Singapore’s government banned foreigners from attending the event. It also banned foreign companies from donating money to the event to help get it up and running.

Even though the same rules applied this year, that didn’t stop Pink Dot from being a powerful event. Organizers said Pink Dot 10 ‘was both a celebration and a sneak peek into the movement’s future. But for the second year running, the Red Dot For Pink Dot initiative saw strong support among local businesses with 113 sponsors came onboard this year.

Homosexual sex is outlawed in Singapore and LGBTI people don’t have the same rights as their compatriots.

For the first year ever organizers held PinkFest, a festival of more than 20 LGBTI-themed events. Hundreds of people – LGBTI and straight – attended the events in a strong show of support for the community.

‘We mark our tenth edition with hope and optimism for the future, but are also mindful that plenty more still remains to be done for Singapore to fully embrace the tenets of inclusion, diversity and equality,’ said Paerin Choa, Pink Dot SG spokesperson.

‘As we celebrate this milestone, witnessing Speaker’s Corner awash in pink, let us remember that, just as we’ve been forced to erect barriers that separate us from friends and family members here, the LGBTQ community are likewise still restricted by discriminating laws and social prejudice.

‘To the members of the LGBTQ community and straight allies who turned up to be counted – from the bottom of our hearts, a big thank you.’

‘To Singapore, as we march onward to the future, and as we celebrate National Day in a few weeks, we ask that you join hands with us, in love and compassion, to build a Singapore we can all truly call home. We Are Ready for this.’

by Shannon Power
Source – Gay Star News