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Singapore holds first LGBTQ rally since gay sex decriminalised

Singapore (AFP) – Hundreds of people wearing pink attended Singapore’s annual “Pink Dot” LGBTQ rally on Saturday, the first to be held since the city-state decriminalised gay sex last year. Brandishing rainbow flags and sporting glittery makeup, participants gathered in a downtown park — the only place in Singapore where protests are allowed without a… Read more »

Singapore to Repeal Ban on Sex Between Consenting Men

In announcing the move, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took a step long sought by gay rights advocates, but he said same-sex marriage would continue to be illegal. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore said on Sunday that the government would repeal the country’s colonial-era law criminalizing sex between men, a step long sought… Read more »

What’s it like to travel the world as a nomadic trans couple?

When queer, trans couple Sujay and Erick first met, just over two years ago, they quickly realized they shared plenty in common. This included a love of traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. A joint Instagram (@twotransnomads) they set up now documents their travels. They talked to GayCities about their favorite locations and some… Read more »

Singapore high court upholds gay sex ban

Singapore’s High Court today rejected a legal challenge to decriminalise homosexuality. The challenge was filed by three gay citizens. Peter Tatchell, LGBT+ campaigner and Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, commented: “This ruling reaffirms that gay men in Singapore remain criminals. It is a clear violation of the right to privacy, equal treatment and individual… Read more »

Singapore court to hear cases seeking to decriminalise gay sex

City-state has retained an old British law that criminalises gay sex, but several legal challenges hope to change that. As a Singapore court prepares to hear a series of legal challenges to a law that bans gay sex, LGBT+ activists on Tuesday called for the “right” verdict to be delivered so similar reforms can be… Read more »

Study finds there are 210,000 men who have sex with men in Singapore

Researchers warned the population could face a concentrated HIV epidemic New research estimates there are 210,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) in Singapore. A study by the National University of Singapore (NUS) said the population—more than double the previous estimates of 90,000—could be at risk of a concentrated epidemic of HIV. The research… Read more »

Li Huanwu’s same-sex marriage: Is this a big deal for LGBTI Singapore?

Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson marrying his boyfriend was big news among Singapore’s LGBTI community, but will it have any effect on the push for LGBTI rights? So, what’s the news in Singapore? Li Huanwu, a member of Singapore’s influential Lee family, married his long-term partner in South Africa last weekend. Congratulations to them! Absolutely. It’s… Read more »

70% of Singaporeans disapprove of same-sex relations, study finds

Religious groups among the most likely to have negative attitudes towards same-sex relationships Almost 70 percent of people in Singapore disapprove of same-sex relationships, a recent study has found. The number of people who disapprove was highest among Singaporean Muslims, Christians and Hindus. The working paper, produced by the Singapore-based think-tank the Institute of Policy… Read more »

Anti-gay Singapore is leaving LGBTI people without a home

In Singapore, where gay sex is illegal, LGBTI people are often pushed from family homes and do not qualify for government housing LGBTI Singaporeans are struggling to find somewhere to live in one of the world’s most affluent cities. Conservative attitudes centered on a heteronormative family can push LGBTI Singaporeans from their family home. What’s… Read more »

Movement to repeal Singapore’s anti-gay law calls for public action

At a town hall meeting, Ready4Repeal calls on Singaporeans to advocate for the scrapping of an infamous law banning male homosexual sex A coalition of LGBTI rights activists and allies have called on the Singaporean public to take a stand on repealing a law banning male homosexual sex. Ready4Repeal, a group of campaigning for the… Read more »

Veteran Singapore diplomat Tommy Koh backs petition to repeal anti-gay law

But, the petition to repeal Singapore’s Section 377A still has only half the signatures of a petition to keep it Singapore’s Ambassador-at-Large, Professor Tommy Koh, has backed a petition to repeal the city-state’s anti-gay law, Section 377A. The Ready4Repeal campaign announced the veteran diplomat as a lead signatory on Friday (21 September). ‘377A is a… Read more »

LGBTI advocates denounce support for Singapore’s anti-gay law

Islamic and Christian organizations have voiced support for Singapore’s Section 377A amid intense debate over the anti-gay law Advocates for LGBTI rights have hit back at religious institutions for supporting Singapore’s anti-gay law, Section 377A. In the last two weeks both Christian and Islamic organizations have expressed support for the law that punishes gay sex… Read more »

‘No LGBTI discrimination in Singapore’, says education minister

Rights activist strongly disputes minister’s claim that Singapore’s LGBTI community does not experience discrimination Singapore’s education minister has claimed that LGBTI people in the city-state do not experience discrimination. ‘The fact is [that LGBTI people] live in Singapore peacefully, no discrimination at work, housing (and) education,’ said minister Ong Ye Kung. ‘However, on the issue… Read more »

This DJ Is Challenging Singapore’s Gay Sex Ban

This will be the first case brought against the archaic law since 2014. A tide of change is lapping at the shores of southern Asia. The decriminalizing of gay sex in India last week has galvanized people in the region to take more strides towards equality, with the newest push coming from a DJ in… Read more »

Most Singaporeans still support law banning gay sex – survey

Singapore (Reuters) – A slim majority of Singaporeans still support a law that bans gay sex, an online survey showed on Monday, amid renewed debate on whether the city-state should follow India’s footsteps and scrap similar British colonial-era legislation. Previous legal challenges to overturn the ban failed but a prominent Singapore diplomat called on the… Read more »

What it’s like to be LGBT in Singapore: ‘It definitely takes a thick skin’

A recent controversy featuring Paris Jackson has sparked a conversation on Singapore’s LGBT+ rights record and on how LGBT+ celebrities and allies should deal with countries that criminalise homosexuality. The 20-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, who identifies as bisexual and has promised to be an advocate for the LGBT+ community, shared a picture… Read more »

‘We are ready’: Singapore’s LGBTI community celebrates 10th Pride rally

The 10th Pink Dot SG sent a clear message to Singapore that LGBTI people will fight for their rights Singapore’s largest LGBTQ-affirming movement, Pink Dot SG, celebrated its 10th anniversary at the weekend. The LGBTI rally has overcome a lot of adversity to make it to its 10th birthday. But on the weekend thousands of… Read more »

Gay Rights Failures Are Holding Back Asia Banking

If Singapore and Hong Kong want to be centers of financial innovation, attitudes need to change. What makes a city a financial center? Investopedia says it requires “international connectedness, diversity and expertise in a variety of financial products and services.” In Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo risk falling short on measures two and three… Read more »

Thousands attend Pink Dot, Singapore’s Pride: Take a look at the 30 best pictures

Despite restrictions and tight security, Singapore’s Pink Dot festival was a massive success Singapore’s annual Pink Dot, their Pride event, drew thousands of people to the city today (1 July). Despite new restrictions keeping foreigners out of the event, with barricades around the rally site, many came to celebrate. Only people from Singapore or permanent… Read more »

Circuit Parties Began Fading in North America a Decade Ago—Why Are They So Hot in Asia?

On Saturday, hordes of gay men and other dance lovers will descend upon a club space in Manhattan for the Black Party, an edgier, kinkier underground variant of the “circuit party,” a gay institution that has, for better or worse, defined a certain strain of macho, drug-embracing, sex-positive party culture since their initial appearance around… Read more »

‘People Like Us’ – never prouder, never more real

First gay online series in Singapore gives a glimpse into the lives of gay men in a country where sex between two men is still a crime Just yesterday morning, while I was doing the usual scroll through my Facebook feed, I was alerted to a news article – the Ministry of Health in Singapore… Read more »

Queer Southeast Asia: Recognition, Respect & Legitimacy

Over the past few decades, diverse new cultures and communities based on same-sex preference and transgender identity have become increasingly prominent in all the countries of Southeast Asia. Across the cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity of region, and despite the distinctive colonial and semicolonial political histories of the modern states of Southeast Asia (see Jackson… Read more »

Being LGBT In Southeast Asia: Stories Of Abuse, Survival And Tremendous Courage

LGBT groups in Southeast Asia are working double-time to bring about change. This is a 10-part series on LGBT rights in Southeast Asia, which uncovers the challenges facing the LGBT community in the region and highlights the courageous work of activists there. For the next nine days, we’ll be telling the stories of each country… Read more »

Queer Southeast Asia: Recognition, Respect & Legitimacy

Over the past few decades, diverse new cultures and communities based on same-sex preference and transgender identity have become increasingly prominent in all the countries of Southeast Asia. Across the cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity of region, and despite the distinctive colonial and semicolonial political histories of the modern states of Southeast Asia (see Jackson… Read more »

Singapore ends ban on visitors with HIV

Singapore will no longer ban people with HIV from visiting the country. The country moved to change its two-decade old rules, which were drawn up at a time when there was no known treatment for AIDS and little was known about HIV. The rules had permanently blacklisted all people with HIV from travelling to the… Read more »

Singapore blogger found guilty of contempt for post criticizing anti-gay law

Prominent LGBTI rights activist could face jail time Singaporean LGBTI rights activist and blogger Alex Au has been found guilty for a post critical of the city’s anti-gay law. The High Court yesterday (22 January) ruled that the article published in October 2013 posed ‘a real threat of undermining public confidence in the administration of… Read more »

Singapore: Human Rights groups condemn court for upholding colonial-era anti-gay law

Human rights groups have condemned a court in Singapore for rejecting a challenge to the country’s colonial-era law criminalising gay sex. Section 337A of the country’s penal code criminalises “any male person who, in public or private, commits, or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person… Read more »

Singapore is becoming more tolerant despite anti-gay prejudices

Singapore: Despite a law that criminalizes same-sex relations and anti-gay prejudices, Singapore has over the years shown that it is becoming more tolerant towards the gay community. “As of late, Singapore’s gay community has been rapidly growing and becoming more visible. Many Singaporeans often boast that their country has the best gay scene in all… Read more »

Singapore celebrates 10th LGBT pride festival

Indignation – Singapore’s only LGBT pride festival featuring performances, a pink run, picnic, talks and discussions – will run for the month of August Over 200 LGBTIs and their allies filled the historic former Parliamentary Debating Chamber at The Arts House where ContraDiction – the opening event of the month-long Indignation LGBT pride season –… Read more »

First Asian Pink Awards honor 15 amazing heroes

Inspirational advocates from across Asia share their stories at landmark awards ceremony in Singapore Asia’s LGBTI heroes have been honored at the first Asian Pink Awards in Singapore. Campaigners and company representatives flew in from all over the region and as far away as Europe for the event last night (16 March), organized by Asian… Read more »