Friends Say Photographer’s Murder Was a Hate Crime

The gay community has sent condolences to the family of Shavado Simmons (left) who was murdered execution-style on July 17, 2011 in what his friends say was a hate crime. Police are also looking at the possibility that the slaying of the 20-year-old photographer and model was a hate crime after receiving several tips. But several days later, they said he might have been killed by someone he had a relationship with. Shavado, affectionately known as Elmo, was shot twice in his apartment in what was initially reported as a robbery. However, robbery has since been ruled out as a possible motive for the killing.

The circumstances of the case are strange, in that Shavado was with a friend at the time. Police said the two had just come from a convenience store and were accosted after arriving home. Shavado was attacked, his chain ripped from around his neck, he was shot but started to run. The gunman reportedly ran after him and fired another close-range shot at him, killing him at the scene. The other man was not harmed and the gunman fled. Though police have not confirmed that the murder was a hate crime, they have not ruled it out. The Bahamas does not categorize crimes based on bias against the individual or a group. And while other groups are included in anti-discrimination protection clauses in legislation, LGBT citizens are not.

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Source – Tripod