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Bahamas bishop brands clergy who attack gays as closet cases

Bishop Simeon B Hall in Bahamas goes from saying gay sex is ‘deadly’ and ungodly to defending LGBT community in one year A senior Christian in the Bahamas has slammed clerics those who ‘demonize’ homosexuality and said they may be closet gays. Bishop Simeon Hall admitted he ‘acted in ignorance’ in the past on LGBT… Read more »

Friends Say Photographer’s Murder Was a Hate Crime

The gay community has sent condolences to the family of Shavado Simmons (left) who was murdered execution-style on July 17, 2011 in what his friends say was a hate crime. Police are also looking at the possibility that the slaying of the 20-year-old photographer and model was a hate crime after receiving several tips. But… Read more »

Judge: Killing was justified to avoid a homosexual act

The Court of Appeal ruled that the court made the right decision when it sentenced Latherio Jones to three years probation for the 2004 killing of Trevor Wilson after Wilson made sexual advances towards him. Dame Joan Sawyer, President of the Court of Appeal, said the sentence should remain because the convict had already spent… Read more »

Prime Minister Offers Measured Pro-Gay Response to Bigoted Church Hysteria

Islands Of The Bahamas’ Position On Gay And Lesbian Travel Nassau, The Bahamas – The Right Honorable Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Islands Of The Bahamas presented the following speech regarding The Bahamas’ position on gay and lesbian travel to the people of The Bahamas via national television. The Commonwealth supports… Read more »