Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada is an island nation that includes the southern Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Homosexual relations remain illegal in Grenada. However, the tourist Minister has said, "We will continue to welcome all visitors and we will work, along with our population, to ensure that their time and ours will be enjoyable. Grenada respects the rights of all persons of all persuasions and lifestyles"--despite a report that the country was questioning whether to allow entry to gay cruise ships (2007).  Read more about the country.



Grenada Senate leader says gay sex ban should be lifted

Senator Lawrence Joseph says the ‘day is fast approaching’ for Grenada and other Caribbean nations to lift colonial-era sodomy laws Grenada’s Senate president says the island should reconsider its laws prohibiting gay sex. The Associated Press (AP) reports Senator Lawrence Joseph said ‘the day is fast approaching’ for Grenada and other Caribbean conservative countries to… Read more »

We’re Winning: Asylum

Because of your generous support of Immigration Equality’s legal services, Jada’s life has changed forever. Jada, who was born in Grenada, turned to our legal team for help after fleeing unspeakable persecution in her home country, and even at the hands of her own family. As a young child, her uncle attacked and sexually abused… Read more »

In Grenada, arrests for homosexuality – and public denials of homosexuality

Police on the Caribbean island of Grenada have arrested a man for gay sex in the same week that a group of men are front-page news denying they’re gay. A 41-year-old man was charged with having sex with an unidentified 17-year-old man, Grenada’s director of public prosecution, Christopher Nelson, said 25 May. 21 May three… Read more »

Gay Granada News & Reports

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