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Homosexuality is legal in Haiti, however homosexuals often face persecution and discrimination similar to most of Latin America and the Caribbean. Although homosexuality is technically legal, there are no laws in Haiti protecting LGBT people from these types of mistreatment. There is no recognition of same-sex marriage, and the topic has not surfaced in serious political discussion at the national level. The major presence of AIDS/HIV, the prevalence of poverty in, and the political and social influence wielded by the Roman Catholic Church in the Haitian population is a major factor to take into account for the LGBT minority in the country. There is no obvious or outstanding LGBT life in the country. The LGBT minority, as a result of income disparities in the country, is divided between the rich gays, lesbians and bisexuals (often in positions as NGO and UN aid workers, businesspeople, artisans, and government officials, usually consisting of whites and mulattoes) who live in such areas as Petionville (where they are a minority) and the urban poor LGBTs who live in the most desperately-poor areas of the country. They are also in the closet most of the time, although the only area that accepts an LGBT identity without discrimination is the voodoo ceremony; Voodoo, as a spirituality, possesses very little discrimination against gays, and gay participants in voodoo ceremonies are common.



Activists Stand Up To Haiti’s Anti-LGBT Extremists

Homophobic hatred sizzled in Haiti’s streets last summer. Religious leaders marched throughout the country to protest same-sex relationships and stir up anti-LGBT sentiment. As these extremists launched a vicious campaign, Haiti’s small, but growing number of advocates for LGBT rights—like the aptly named AJWS grantee Kouraj (Courage)—spoke out. Kouraj’s members reached out to news media… Read more »

The leader of Haiti’s most prominent gay rights group is dead.

Port-Au-Prince – Human rights advocates and others are mourning the death of a Haiti gay rights activist who was found dead inside his home in Port-au-Prince under suspicious circumstances. Charlot Jeudy was found dead on Monday inside his home in the Caradeux neighborhood of Haiti’s capital, his older brother confirmed to the Miami Herald. Jeudy,… Read more »

Death of ‘fierce activist’ Jeudy Charlot has Haiti’s LGBTQ community on edge

Charlot, who ran the LGBTQ rights organization Kouraj, was found dead in his home on Monday efore he died, Jeudy Charlot’s friends and colleagues tried to convince him to flee Haiti for his own safety, but the LGBTQ rights activist refused to go, says friend Neish McLean. “He made the decision to stay because he… Read more »

Why it’s gotten harder for LGBT people in Haiti since the earthquake

The name of Haiti’s most prominent LGBT rights organization is Kouraj (Haitian Creole for courage) — with good reason. The group’s headquarters have moved three times after attacks. The current office is on a side street, unmarked, with a plainclothes security guard out front. But inside there’s no question where you are. The reception area… Read more »

An incredible court ruling just ordered 16 countries to make same-sex marriage legal

A landmark court ruling has ordered 16 new countries to make same-sex marriage legal. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights reached a decision today on a marriage equality petition submitted two years ago by Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis. 20 countries agreed to follow the court’s rulings when they signed the American Convention on… Read more »

Evicted gay youths under attack (again) in Jamaica

On Wednesday, April 15 at about 1 p.m., some patrons of the Clocktower Plaza in Kingston decided to “cleanse” the premises of gays. This shopping venue was one of the few spaces in the capital that gays could hang out in relative peace, although they had to travel in groups. On this occasion, their congregation… Read more »

Haiti’s fight for gay rights

As LGBT community becomes more visible, anti-gay violence rises, too Port-Au-Prince, Haiti — The courtyard, tucked off a quiet road here and ringed by mango trees heavy with immature green fruit, was bedecked with a rainbow of balloons. One proclaimed “Happy Valentines Day!” though it was May. Another advertised specials at the fast-food chain Red… Read more »

Gay British man attacked in Haiti at his engagement celebration

The gay and lesbian community is often too afraid to report rights violations A gay British man has been attacked by angry locals hurling rocks and homemade bombs as he celebrated his engagement to his partner in Haiti. Several people were reportedly injured during the homophobic attack, which occurred in the Caribbean nation’s capital Port… Read more »

Haiti promises protection to threatened gays, warns violent homophobes

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (HCNN) – Haiti’s minister of Justice said on Monday the Haitian government will crack down on anti gay militants who use violence to express their position, while the Caribbean nation’s police denied allegations that two gay individuals were killed on Friday. Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon told HCNN the government will not tolerate… Read more »

Death threats captured on video at Haiti anti-gay demonstration

Two presumed homosexual men were beaten to death in Haiti by hundreds of protestors demonstrating against proposed marriage equality legislation A gay hate march in Haiti attracted over 1,000 anti-gay demonstrators, and left two presumed homosexuals beaten to death. Video footage from four different sources shows angry and sometimes violent protestors demonstrating against a marriage… Read more »

Haiti: A thousand people turn up to protest against equal marriage

Over a thousand people in the Haitian capital have turned up to protest against same-sex marriage. The rare demonstration took place on Friday afternoon in the capital of Port-au-Prince, and urged lawmakers not to pass equal marriage legislation, reports the Associated Press. The demonstration was organised by several religious groups, and came just two days… Read more »

Groups Condemn Threats Against Haiti’s Gay Society

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – (AP) Watchdog groups in Haiti on Wednesday condemned what they say has been a series of threats targeting the Caribbean nation’s small gay community. Attorney Mario Joseph and gay rights advocate Charlot Jeudy told a news conference that people who are gay or lesbian should be able to live freely without being… Read more »

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