Albania to present same sex partnership legalization and gender recognition, government and opposition “on-board”

Albania will present tomorrow in a high level conference in Tirana a draft proposal to legalise the same sex partnerships and to introduce a complete law for gender recognition. This has been drafted after a full process of consultations between the Council of Europe, the Albanian government, the opposition, the civil society, the Ombudsman etc. The minister of Social Welfare and Youth Mr. Erion Veliaj will be present tomorrow, Ms. Albana Vokshi a member of DP in the opposition will also attend the conference that will be held for two days in consecutive at Tirana International Hotel.

There are actually only two articles defining the cohabitation at the Albanian Family Code. On of those articles defines it between a man and a woman. This article will be proposed to be object of amendment while the second article to be proposed is the one that opens the process to drafts a completely new law for cohabitations for the entire population, including the LGBT population.

The second historical proposal will be to introduce a new completely law for gender recognition having in mind that the Albanian legislation does recognize the gender as an element that can change, but not providing exact legal protection of how to do that.

by Redaksia Admin
Source – Histoia IME