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Albania to present same sex partnership legalization and gender recognition, government and opposition “on-board”

Albania will present tomorrow in a high level conference in Tirana a draft proposal to legalise the same sex partnerships and to introduce a complete law for gender recognition. This has been drafted after a full process of consultations between the Council of Europe, the Albanian government, the opposition, the civil society, the Ombudsman etc.… Read more »

Love stories and “forbidden” objects at the National Museum of Albania

They had never thought that there would be so many participants. They did not know whether to blush, feel embarrassed or not, but they felt this way only for a few moments, because it did not take long for them to realize that none of the participants judged them… “Art 1” the exhibition organized by… Read more »

Albania celebrates gay life with festival for IDAHO

Albania organizes IDAHO week to give the LGBT community sexual liberation from verbal and physical homophonic abuse Pink Embassy and LGBT Pro Albania have organised a weeklong celebration which includes the countries second Festival of Diversity, LGBT exhibitions and lectures. It is all part of making a stand as Albania celebrates International Day Against Homophobia… Read more »

Albania passes landmark gay hate crime laws

Two laws just approved by Albania’s parliament make it one of the countries with the most advanced legislation in the region for protection of LGBT people Albania amended its criminal code and put hate crimes against sexual orientation and gender identity on par with an offense against gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, disability and so… Read more »

“Reeducation for Halimi!” (Minister of Justice), protest of LGBT in response of the street language used by minister

The LGBT movement protested today in front of the Ministry of Justice in response to the scandalous street vocabulary of the Minister of Justice Eduard Halimi. Yesterday, the media published a video and several photos of Halimi and member of parliament Fatos Hoxha chatting with each other using very banal vocabulary. The minister stated in… Read more »

“Unbiased voices of reason in Albania have no outlet”, says US Ambassador

This is an exclusive interview with Mr. Alexander Arvizu, the Ambassador of USA in Albania. He answers questions of historia-ime.com regarding LGBT rights, women rights, children’s rights, freedom of media and he talks about the challenges that Albania should and is facing while he reveals how his own story with the country and its people… Read more »

Anti-gay academic books to be banned in Albania

Following a complaint by LGBT rights group the Albanian government will remove from the market all anti-gay academic books The Albanian office of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination (CPD) has announced that it will take of the market all academic texts which discriminate against the LGBT community and update any others where same-sex relations… Read more »